Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Delaware Valentine!

Today was long. The past few weeks have been interesting concerning the kids I go to school with, projects, and I just got my clinical rotation schedule-just slightly nerve-wrecking = I have to remember everything I've ever learned...haha
So, I had a huge exam on Monday, another one tomorrow, and one on Friday. Not too bad (we have 5 the week before Spring Break, and 3 of them are on a Friday). But, Tyler worked from 7-7 today and if you leave me alone for too long, I get just a little bonkers, which I think I've mentioned before. Anyway, I was studying, focused, and when Tyler opened to door-I just looked up and to my surprise, a blue box from the magical land of Delaware was in his arms! I LOVE MY MOM!
We got little bags of Teddy Grahams that said "Bear Hugs for Tyler" love Mom Campbell! She's so creative! I have always loved Valentines day, especially when I moved out-my mom just makes the coolest stuff that makes you giddy like a little child! How else do you want to spend a Holiday?!

There was a really cool pattern in the box that folds up to be an airplane - it says, "Tyler, you're just 'plane' cool!" My mom has the most adorable sense of humor, doesn't she!? This one is rad - its a little twizzler vine that goes from DE to UT - From Coast to Coast, you're the one I love the most!
My mom cut out these hands out of that foam stuff and put a travel size lotion (I think its lavender scented!) in-between the two! haha Apparently, I deserve a hand!

I think this has to be my all time fav! My mom made an iPod out of those conversation hearts (at least, I think that's what's inside!) and it has string & little Reces Peanut Butter Cups for headphones! hahaha There's also a Valentines' Day Playlist listed - I giggled for a good 15 minutes! There's so much cool stuff in the box, and just to be remembered and to know that someone cares - what more could you ask for?

What's your favorite Valentines' trinket?!


the divine e said...

This is SOOOOO freaking cute. I think I'm going to use of these ideas...for next year : ) thanks for postingggg!

Leighanne Johnson said...

holy crap!!! that is so fun!!! haha!! i love the ipod! the best thing i could think of was a valentine's day card with barack obama on it for david. (he's conservative, haha)
I hope you can come to my shower too when we come out! I REALLY want you to be there! it'll be at my mom's house so you'll get to see the crazy people i call my family!! miss you!!

MacMui Mom said...

I need to call that Shar up and tell her that I am in need of a Valentine's box as well. I guess I should make her my visiting teacher!

Mia inisted that we go to Debin's baptism. She thought it was really cool and loves her friend, Debin. We miss you!!!

Katy said...

oh i love your mama!

you need to get her patented and copyrighted, she's too cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!