Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep Swimming!

Funny story.

Remember the time I have 3 pinched nerves? 
One in the ribs (r side), and 2 in the upper back?
This makes life "ouchy."

I stand for 9-10 hours at work,
b/c I cannot bear to sit down! haha
Driving is interesting, 
and sleeping is GREAT. 
I love sleep.

So, what do you do?
Oh, they put you on Loratab,
which is like drinking water...
aka ineffective.
Don't take that anymore.

you do PT, Chiropractor visits, and massage.
None of this is very helpful.
Guess what is?

We joined a local rec center,
and it has 5 indoor pools. 
Holy Moly.

I swim 4 times a week,
and it seems to be lovely...
my kid is logging lots of zero gravity hours. haha

Last night, I was swimming laps...
breaststroke is my favorite.
So, after 15 minutes of that, 
I decided to switch it up and freestyle!

I started out ok,
and then kept sinking in the water!
I was baffled!
What is going on?!

I kept swimming,
and subsequently kept sinking!
I bet the lifeguard was dying of laughter!

I finished a lap, 
stood up,
and put my hands on my hips,

Why do I keep sinking?!?!
i looked down....
and then realized something.

I'm freaking dragging a bowling ball beneath the surface.
My kid was totally weighing me down,
and it took me 10 minutes to figure it out. 

I grabbed a paddle board,
and tried it again.
So slow. 

At 8 months, 
I'm going to take what I can get. 
Just, not while doing a freestyle stroke. 

That, my friends,
is a word to the wise.
Be prepared to sink when you swim! 
But, just keep swimming!
Its wonderful!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair Lately...

So, lately I haven't been much into doing my hair! Surprise!!! haha My work got a little more excitable about pulling long hair back, so there goes my motivation for making it look nice! Since my hair is way below my shoulders, it has to be back every day...hence, no motivation. Plus, its work! We wear scrubs and lab coats, which we affectionately call "art smocks!"

Then, I stumbled across this little gem of a tutorial! I've been wearing my hair like this for days now! You should know I don't make it all curled before I pull mine back...I just straight up braid it and pin.

I love her blog - check it out! She has so many tutorials...and they require a little more effort than I'm usually willing to put in, but whatever I've tried from her blog, I've been very impressed with!

Also, I started getting Birchbox in my mail - another little gem from 'The Small Things Blog." For $10 a month, I get a box of beauty products - I must say, that to get a little present each month for only $10 is such a steal. And, its a way to pamper myself without feeling like I'm breaking the bank! I've really enjoyed the surprises! You should give it a try - and you can even send these little boxes as gifts.

Another hairstyle I love is this one, from Birchbox's website:

Do you have any hairstyles that you fall back on regularly?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$aving is Good for the Soul

I have to say that saving $$ for something you want
is way better than trying to pay for it 
when you don't have any $$.

Case and point.


Today was an interesting day;
I spilled bleach on a pair of my favorite maternity jeans,
the kid is pinching nerves around my waist,
and someone had an "accident" at the pool
where I work out.

Needless to say, 
it hasn't all been roses.

And when I came home early
instead of working out,
I was feeling a little down.

And sure, 
they say money can't buy happiness,
but it can sure bring joy!!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Spring in Utah is known to many as "Sprinter."
 Spring + Winter = Sprinter
I find it quite funny...
The daffodils always poke their heads up,
bloom for a week, 
and then bam!
Snow all over the place!

So, since it snowed this morning
after a week of lovely 60 and 70 degree temperatures,
I am eating leggo-my-eggo waffles,
and drinking a heavenly cup of
raspberry-cheesecake hot-chocolate.
Thank you Stephen's!

I also decided to post some pictures of spring...
just to tide me over until tomorrow!

and, as usual, the images aren't edited..haha

These pom-pom flowers always make me smile...
anyone know what they're called?

i LOVE overexposed photos...

Maybe I'll blow this one up and frame it? Decisions...

I love this ethereal in a sense.

Happy Easter :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strolling Along

Oh my. 

I might just be more excited about this purchase 
then I was about my camera. 


basically its amazing.

Thanks to all who helped us decide on what to get!!
-ave, you are the best-

Have I mentioned how excited I am?!?!

Also, just a word to the wise.
I purchased this off of
and I've never used them before.

However, I emailed their Customer Support
at 11:10pm.
They emailed me back within 3 minutes.
So, I sent another question to them.

That response came back within 2. 


Also, they gave me a $10 off coupon
for a FRIEND.
If you need something from,
enter this code: LILB9448
and wha-la!
You'll get $10 off your entire purchase,
and Make-A-Wish foundation will get a $30 donation.
That's so nice! haha

Did I also mention that my purchase
gets here on FRIDAY?!?!



ps: I also saved 20% on the stroller and car seat, each,
and didn't pay tax or for shipping.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daily Bread

Finally, sunshine has really come back to UT!
We are loving it!

I found this scarf-head-wrap tutorial via Pinterest. 
I have a board called "Stuff that works" 
and this is going on that board! haha

This scarf came from Tyler's grandmother...
its a beautiful old silk wrap.
Large square scarf.
It came in a darling little box
with a gold, circular clasp
and instructions on how-to-wear
the scarf in lots of fashions....
via the 40's.


In other news,
today we are in the 3rd Trimester!
The longest home stretch of your life.
The little man is moving all around,
dancing like crazy,
and I'm happy to report that the boy has rhythm. 

I can't remember if I already posted about this,
but I finally decided on a doctor and a hospital.
It only took me 6.5 months. 
Remember: YOU are your own advocate in the health care setting.
Don't be afraid to ask questions,
even when you're labeled as 
"high maintenance."
I was nervous to do those things,
but when I finally did,
I felt much more comfortable in my own skin.
-sigh of relief!-


Now onto the serious business.
 Life is never easy to understand.

Over the past two weeks, we've been really challenged.
I know that we've also been strengthened,
and that something will eventually pan out.
I've had great examples to lead and guide me,
and I thank you for your willingness to post your struggles.

I would tell you the whole story, 
but since that would take too long,
I'll just "sum up."

We applied for grad schools.
We got pregnant.
We felt so good about our chances this year.
With both school and baby.
One of those is becoming reality.
The other...
not so much.

We don't know all of the reasons, 
but the one that's annoying is as follows:
Tyler had a great professor, who, bless his heart,
is slightly absent minded.
He didn't send in Ty's letter of recommendation.
Tyler visited with him 2x a week in his office,
called and emailed,
all leading up to the due date so he wouldn't forget.
Ty's GRE scores were competitive.
His other letters were outstanding.
And this professor wrote a great letter also.

Its just a shame that schools didn't get to see it.

So, what happens when you don't have all of your materials submitted?
You aren't always considered.
Why punish those students who did get all their materials in?
That wouldn't be fair.

in a nutshell,
we're contacting that professor again,
as well as some of the schools.

we are totally unsure of what the future holds.
Its been so hard.
We've rededicated ourselves to the scriptures,
and we know that we will find comfort and inspiration there.
We have prayed,
and really sought the Lord's comfort through this trial.
We don't need to understand why this happened,
but the peace that the gospel message can bring
is the most understated blessing we can receive.

We are looking for jobs,
just like so many out there.
I will probably return to work after I have the baby...
and I'll hopefully work weekend graves 
so that I can always be home with him.

I must say,
I believe that the Lord will provide,
yet I also understand that I will be asked
to do everything I can do first.
I must offer up everything I can give
to support my family.
And we will be blessed, 
even in the smallest of ways.
I think that the small things are 
the ones we should be most grateful for.

My mom suggested reading this talk,
by D. Todd Christofferson.
I really dig the way he phrases things,
and I loved this talk.
I even listened to it...
You should too. 
Its funny,
and comforting.
 If you have a moment,
please throw a silent prayer up for us.
It doesn't have to be big...
but it could be really nice :)

Things will work themselves out.
My favorite phrase that I use when I teach:

"The sun goes up,
and the sun goes down.
Time moves on,
with or without you.
The only thing you really get to decide
is what your attitude will be."

Ours will be one of faith.
What other choice is there?

-my image-