Friday, April 12, 2013

Recent Favorites

Does this post even need an introduction?

Nah. Didn't think so.

Has anyone but me ever eaten these?! Oh holy goodness - these are the most delicious tortillas EVER! And, they are great for you - they contain everything under the sun that you are supposed to eat, but forget - like Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, etc. They have a deep, delicious taste that leaves your taste buds singing for more! {Only 160 calories per tortilla, and let me tell you - its all good for ya! [except for the fact that you're eating gluten...]} ps - I bought mine at Costco. They better keep selling them!

Now, don't get suspicious - I'm not the 'backyard brew' kinda girl, but dang, Gina! This marinade is to die for - super scrumptious! I use 1/2 cup of water, not beer, and then 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. Marinate your chicken for 20 minutes, and cook it up.

Hokey picture, I know. All of these are from google, so what do you expect? Now, take that marinated chicken, and fry it up on this puppy. Only $15 from Ikea, and this grill pan is the bomb! I love it! Grills very evenly and makes for incredibly easy clean up. I don't know how I lived without it before. haha Really though, when you want grilled food but can't wait for the grill to warm up, or don't want to stand out in the rain, or simply don't have room/time/patience for a grill, this is your solution.

Then, spread some mashed up avocado on those tortillas, load it with romaine lettuce/spinach, then add some cut up chicken, and you've got a yummy dinner.

Another favorite is the agave sweetener - I know that honey might be less processed that this stuff - I just wanted to give it a try. I added this to a fresh pineapple + strawberry + spinach + water smoothie and wow - its so tasty!

I have yet to use the coconut oil - its my week on, so inventive dinners will have to come next week.

And just a few more of my favs:

 Everyone was sleepy during conference!

  Ethan is loving the pack-n-play:

And today, he learned how to pull himself up! While wearing footie pajamas. That's impressive! Its slippery in there!!!

So proud!!!! He even claps his hands while standing for a few seconds and then laughs. Its precious!

See you soon! {Maybe we'll be walking next month?!?!?!?}

Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Week, Part 2 {Plethora of Pictures!}

 Best $1 I've ever spent?

 This bubble fan, from Target.
I'm contemplating going back and buying them out.
Maybe giving them out as party favors for the big #1?

Ethan was mesmerized. 
And didn't care about the bubbles.
He just wanted the fan thingy.

Bubble party!

 And....1 more.


We are slowly introducing new foods to Ethan.
This week we discovered Mandarin Oranges.
And those yogurt things from Gerber.

We're still trying to figure out how to get them into our mouths,
on the first try.


Ethan was really being a bear.
So, I gave him a lemon:

He loves it!

 After our lemon escapade,
we ran around the kitchen in the walker.

Then, he discovered a baby in the oven!
Can you imagine?!

{super excited!}

 {Pure joy!!!}

We are also baking up a storm today!
You know those fancy White Chocolate Chip + Raspberry Cookies?
Made 'em.
They are killer.

Plus, I whipped up a mean Lemon Crinkle Cookie.

Tomorrow's sessions of conference are going to be delish.

Enjoy conference!

This Week, Part 1

 We were invited to a luncheon with Grandma Sanders and Aunt Cynthia!

 Ethan is a pretty thick kid. Grandma is a witness!

Bubba is checking out Grandma's offer...

Ethan was standing up with Grandma's assistance! It was so fun to watch!

Grandma Sander, me, and baby Ethan

 Oh you know, just fitting into really small pants again! YAY!

 This week, my good friend Kat and I took our babies to Wheeler Historic Farm!
I'd never been - hilarious, as I once lived right down the street. 
Its such a blast!

 Mac and Ethan, rockin out in the stollers!

 Take 2 :)

I punk'd Ethan pretty good.
You thought you were all shaded?
Not anymore, buddy! 
Its a bright, bright sunshiney day out there!

 These darling lambs were born on Monday, 
and we were there on Thursday!
They still had their eyes closed :)
Probably the most precious thing ever.

Ok, lets be honest.
Kids from the city don't see a lot of "wild/farm life."
This is the BIGGEST pig I've seen,
since Charlotte's Web.
Holy Huge.
It was a big as a cow.
I mean, its legs needed to be longer, but still.
You get the picture.

This is what a happy, sleeping piggy looks like.


 Cute babies!

 The Billy Goats Gruff.


Thanks, Kat!
It was such a fun outing!

I am continually worried that I'm not going to do enough with Ethan,
and this week has shown me otherwise. 
We did so much!
And I loved it.
He was such a peach.

I love this 9 months old stage! 
Its probably the best stage!

Love that lil guy.