Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Editorrial Confessions

One of our many wedding pictures. I've never posted any of my professionals. Why, you might ask? Well, that's what my confession is alllll about. Click on this picture. Enlarge it till it fills your screen. I must confess that while I love my wedding pictures, I don't feel like my photog put any effort or thought, etc, into taking them. I'm missing essential shots - and lets be honest - you can't re-create that day. The pictures are beautiful, no doubt, yet...there's just a little something that's been found wanting...

Many of you know my personality. I'm not one to keep things to myself when I feel that justice needs to be served. But guess what? I've kept quiet about this since November, and since my emotions are almost under control, I figured I'd be ok. I sought some good advice from a photog friend and finally emailed my photog today. I gave this person 2 options...and a week to decide.

Either way, I might be in the market for someone who loves to edit photos, another photog, etc. I'm not trying to be silly - I'm merely interested in greener grass :) I'll post my prof wedding photos for you all to see; let me know if you think I'm going least Ty supports my habits! haha

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Word to the Wise

Last week, Tyler and I took our car to my Uncle's mechanic shop and left to go on Vacay! It was so much fun and we saw so many people-thanks to everyone who made time to see us! We returned safe and sound, just in time for me to get the worst cold of a lifetime. Anyway, last night we went to Bountiful to pick up our car and my Uncle shared something with me that I would like to share with all of you:

Apparently, many mechanics are "inventing" or "fixing" problems on cars that aren't even there, or letting something slip loose so that you'll have to come back and pay more, etc. At this point, many consumers are massaging our older cars and trying to get as much out of them as possible! But are things really being fixed? I would be very careful if you have to go get a tune-up, etc, and if you get something fixed/replaced, ask to see your old part (which is such an old standard; ask your dad-he'll tell you the same thing) which ensures that it actually got fixed. Ask around and really search for a safe place to get your car fixed/oil changed, etc. I have a few great places around the SLC area for anyone in need! I wouldn't have imagined that something like this was really happening, but believe it or not, I'm more naive that I thought I was - so keep your eyes peeled! Just a word to the wise.

Hope your summers are going great!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stick to the beat


Today I discovered how to stick to the beat. It wasn't anything profound, just a little something that I needed to learn.

Tyler and I gave the Sunday School lesson today on Prayer and Faith. This is where most people, once you announce the topic, simply turn off and wait for it to be over. Why, you might ask? Well, probably because its something simple. I've noticed that the simple things are the ones that we struggle with the most. They're usually the ones to drop from our habits, our daily schedule, and eventually, from our conscience. Once its out of your thought pattern, there's no way your actions will convey those simple traits that could make the world better. Funniest thing - the simple things are usually the ones that hold the most important keys to happiness. Isn't that crazy? Think about it for a minute, and I'll come back to that.

Today = day from H.E. double-hockey sticks. Remember the time that I had to play the organ in church? Not a very cool incident. I can do anything in front of lots of people, no problem = sing, talk, entertain; you name it, you got it. When you add an instrument, I panic. My harp recital = almost perfect. Loved it. When you mess up on the harp, not so bad. The organ is louder than the shot heard round the world, because I'm pretty sure the chapel in the hospital is less than 20 square feet. Ok, not that small, but amazingly close. And what happens when the organ is set to transpose the song 3 keys higher? To even reach an A, people are pretending to be eunuchs. Awesome. NOT. After the meeting was over, people said I played great, and they were really impressed that they could sing the base-line. Everyone had a cold, so they attributed not being able to sing the high notes on that. Either way, I walked back to my Aunt, Uncle, and Ty's parents and cursed that organ to hell and oblivion. Whoops. But seriously, its all in the bible-that organ belongs with Cain.

Now back to the rest. Simple things of life. What made my day? Someone's smile, a kind comment, and a laugh with me at how high the organ was set. What could make your day better? Why not being the initiator? Simply extend a hand to help, even if you don't know much. Say something that's simply kind. You'll feel better inevitably - don't you remember that Friend's episode where Joey and Phoebe have a competition to see who can do acts of service without feeling good afterwards? haha Love that one. Why not invite that into your life? It doesn't have to be anything grand; just keep it simple.

My favorite story about how simple being a friend can be:
A little girl was supposed to arrive at home after school, and was a little tardy. Her mom was upset, and questioned the little girl about why she was late. The little girl related the story; her friend had fallen off of her bike and it looked broken. The mother informed the little girl, "You don't know anything about broken bikes!" The daughter replied in all earnesty, "I know. I just stopped to help her cry."