Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Response.

Monday, April 12, 2010

-No Words to Describe-

I have no words.

THIS is what wedding pictures are supposed to look like.

Sneak peak of the "re-takes" here

Forever indebted.

6th time in my wedding dress. [Still fits!]

Took pictures in Temple Square - we got lots of "Congrats!" and "May your lives be blessed!"

The cutest part: walking through the JSMB and a little girl saw me, all dressed up.

"Mommy, look! A princess!" So I waved and smiled. Maybe I should work at Disneyland.

Could a day get any better?

With Jalene and Lincoln over for dinner afterward, I submit that it cannot.

[When my pictures were dismally taken by J.M., I thought I would never get over it. Luckily, I have some amazing friends and some talented ones. Jalene saved my life. In 2 weeks, she's shooting my little sister's wedding. Our family is hooked. Have you checked her out? If not, you're missing out.]

Facts to the 4th

The music of my blog has been inspired by and dedicated to:

Have you met Katy?
We worked together at the glorious Madison Memorial Hospital
in good ol' Rexburg, Idaho.

She's the reason I survived with sanity. 

Her kindness is neck'n'neck with her humor.
She's pretty near perfect.
To me.

She is a fighter, a beautiful mom, 
an amazing wife,
and...of course,
a consistent and compassionate friend.
She always has the kindest, most sincere
to pass on to you.
I am grateful to know her.

So, since I like her so much,
I decided I would participate in this game:
(I am a math nerd...not that the math is correct.)

Four shows I watch:
1. Bones
2. CSI
3. Anything on the Food Network, except Sandra Lee
(She's way too coordinated. She kinda scares me.)
4. Criminal Minds
 Four things I'm passionate about:
1. The Gospel
2. The rights of those around me
(I am always fighting for the underdog..can't help it.)
3. Anything involving school....
4. Becoming a good cook :)   
Four phrases I say a lot:
1. Oh MyLanta!
2. You are such a "troll!"
3. Are you cereal? 
(sometimes I do say serious instead...)
4.  Oh, good night!
(accompanied by impatience, boredom, or frustration!)
 Four things I've learned from the past: 
1. Being nice is not overrated, no matter how jaded you feel
2. Grace could possibly become the best attribute you possess. 
God gives it to us - shouldn't we extend that same right to others?
3. Its ok to have a life outside of my textbooks...
4. Don't drive while listening to "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. You just might get pulled over while speeding up without noticing it. No ticket though.....
Four places I would like to go:
1. Home to DE
2. Anywhere but Utah.
3. Prague. My dearest dream.
4. Back in time.  

Four things I did yesterday:
1. Made Lemon Bars - yummy!
2. Attended church, wearing my adorable new dress.
3. Played softball/catch
4. Games with friends - loved it! 

Four things I'm looking forward to:
1. Tyler more year!
2. A new car....
3. Maturing.
4. My family coming to UT for Marissa's wedding. 
First time in seeing them in 2+ years. Hooray! 

Four things I love about Winter: 
1. Most importantly, that it ends!
2. Snowflakes dancing across a dark sky
3. Hot chocolate...with peppermint, from Starbucks :)
4. My birthday! 

Four things on my wish list: 
1. Possession/Application of patience
2. A home in a sunny place with flowers, walls to paint, and a lawn to mow.
Oh yeah, and a pool!
3. Children (3+ years to go!)
I have to mature first lol
4. Peace. Seriously. 
wouldn't you love for everyone to experience peace for a day?

Four people I tag:
1. Rachel M.
2. Bethany G.
3. Jalene B.
4. Leighanne J. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ever feel like you're not good enough at something? Sometimes, I have a hard time with being so creative...what did O-Chem do to me!? haha So, thanks for putting up with my last post. Click on the "Amanda" link in my last post and look at her header - I would really love to do something like that. But, for now...I'll just be impressed that I changed my dang font! Sometimes I think I need therapy...and today....

Today I did a little retail therapy. Now, if you read the post about my camera purchase, you'll know I don't handle spending money well. Ok, I'm getting a little better, but I love, more than anything, a fantastic deal!

Side Note: when we were little, my mom made us Easter dresses and sometimes, she would even sew our dollies the same dresses so we could all match.  So glad that couch is long gone.

Anyway, today I found my Easter dress! Plus, a few surprises!
Guess how much all of these cost?
Go ahead, guess...... The dress was originally $30, and the blue skirt was $34.99....

Well, this adorable little skirt was originally $90. It reminds me of being back east, crabbing, and boating on the Chesapeake Bay. Had to have it.
If that tells you anything.
So, go ahead and guess!

Total purchase cost: $14.96
The dress: $5
The blue skirt: $6
The EAST COAST skirt: $3

(Usually I only find deals like this at Ross or TJ Maxx, but not today! I love finding new places to shop!)

Thank you very much, retail therapy!

Edible Therapy consisted of making stuffed shells again this evening. YUM!!!!!

This dish is SO easy and doesn't take very long! Its ricotta cheese, one egg, cheese, broccoli, tomato sauce, etc. Throw it together, bake it, and AMAZING!!!!!!!

And, can I just say how much I love my camera? These pictures aren't even edited. I love how good the food looks! And let me tell you - it tasted as good as it looks!

Tomorrow will be another day filled with free time. What to do...what to do!

Blogger Fonting

Ladies and Gents:

For all of you who want to change the font of your blogger posting titles, etc, I have found a way. I was so bugged when no one else would post how they did it. I'm all for an "everyone advance" type of society, so here's my little plug:

Amanda, bless her heart, has posted the world's nicest tutorial about how to do it. Read everything word for word. Seriously. You'll love your life, if you do it right. She even has a troubleshooting section which makes life grand if you're still stumped after following instructions.


Now its your turn, if you would be so kind, to help me advance. How do I get an amazing image to become my header? I'm slow at this blogging thing, but I'm all for learning. If you have any advice that you wouldn't mind parting with, I will send you a giant hug in the mail.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Holy Cabooses. 
This week has been intense, and I hope I get used to it soon!
So, at ARUP, there's a schedule that a lot of people LOVE.
Work 7 days, 10 hrs a day, get paid for 80. 
(You're basically getting paid up front for PTO, Sick Leave, etc)
Then, you get a whole week off.
For someone who doesn't know what to do with free time,
this could serve as an interesting trial. 

So, what do you do when you work from 9:30am - 8:00pm?
You make simple, simple dinners.
Empanada Pie.
(Don't you like my banana book holder?)
Took 15 minutes. 
Tyler inhaled half. 
Picture below:
Amazingly delicious. 
Costs basically nothing.
And, when you come home and have no brain power left...
This is what you need!

I also made the most deliciously simple Broccoli Stuffed Shells.
And boy, oh boy. Those were good.

I worked all weekend. 
Thank heavens for an FM radio.
Conference was such a blessing.
The Spirit was so strong.
Loved it.
Easter morning rolled around,
Ty dropped me off at work,
and I then sent him on a hunt
(via text hints)
to find his Easter Basket.
(He thought I forgot)

When I came home from work,
this was waiting for me:
He dumped his candy out of that basket and put mine in it.
We're thrifty like that. 

Side note:
My dad traveled a lot when I was little.
I got scared, thinking BeetleJuice would come find me.
(Not a good movie to see at age 6....)
So, as a token of his trips and as a protection,
I asked my dad to bring back teddy bears from his trips.
This way, they would watch out for me while he wasn't there.
I naturally happen to love teddy bears. 
I don't own a million or anything,
But this token of love from my husband was very near and dear to my heart.
Besides, the teddy and I have the same color hair...fur...whatever!

Happy Easter-ing!