Sunday, September 28, 2008

Handsome Rob or Me?

I LOVE cars; if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with old school cars. My dream, '69 Corvette Sting Ray, 1966 Dodge Charger 3, 1966 Mustang GT (convertible, white hood, cherry red with white racing stripes...)! You name it, I drool over it. So tonight, I lived a day in the life of one of my favorite movies, "The Italian Job."
If you don't know cars, maybe you've seen the movie, or maybe you've even caught a glimpse of a James Bond flick. Either way, the Aston Martin Vanquish has to be one of the most thrilling, beautifully powerful, and luxurious cars that I've ever dreamed of riding in. And tonight, I am still awake due to the euphoria caused, I RODE IN IT. I CRUISED THE CAPITOL OF SALT LAKE. I might still be a little excited...but seriously! This does not happen every day.
Today I got to spend more time with Tyler then I have since school started. I got 19 hours of sleep the entire week, woke up this morning, spent time with the man of my existence, and then had one of my most favorite dreams come true. I cruised in the Aston Martin Vanquish. Please feel free to love my life!
Mmhmm. Its beautiful. I know.
My bum just sat on $140,000 worth of leather.
That feeling: PRICELESS
"To be honest, 0 - 50 mph just isn't that exciting.
But going from 50-120 mph, that's where it all begins!"

edZOOcate yourselves!!

I was so excited to finally go to the zoo today that I got a little bonkers :) Some classmates of mine, Chelsey and Devon, Phil, Molly and Andy, and Emily, joined Tyler and I at the zoo! Chelsey and I had talked about going for about two weeks and we all finally caved! I invited everyone last minute, so I was grateful for friends to join us! We had soooo much fun! The bears were eating, the tigers were sleeping, the monkeys were bouncing off of the walls, and luckily our friend Phil brought his camera because our battery died!
We also paid a dollar for the shortest train ride of our lives, which was a blessing in disguise because the young lady commentating over the loudspeaker sounded like the teacher from "Peanuts" and we just couldn't take any more! It was a great time had by all!!! I can't wait to go again!!
Renew the Zoo!

The amazing picture of the day: watching the elephants eat.
That's all they did.
The entire time.
Tyler and I at the zoo!
Evolution at its best!
Choo-choo! Best 4:15 minutes of my day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick note....

I've been cramming for tests the past few days, completely tuning out to the world by listening to one of my favorite Pandora stations, "The Way I Am." To make things a little more complicated, I've been voted in as the President of my medical class, and our program is #1 in the nation right now, which definitely yields quite a bit of responsibility. An interesting situation led me to question why people put themselves in uncomfortable situations, not only for themselves, but for all others around them. In the midst of studying, I've been contemplating which actions I could take that would be the most rewarding for everyone in this particular situation. I've counseled, prayed, etc. Then the other night as I attempted to drown out the world as well as thoughts of my own, a song came on....

Have you ever felt like the girl in this picture? Do you know someone right now who might? Listen to a song called, "Outside Looking In" by Jordan Pruitt. She sounds like Taylor Swift ironically enough, yet her message was loud and clear. If you can, check out her music video on YouTube. 

If I was in a Young Women's calling, I would download it, take it to Mutual, and show it to those girls who are so impressionable. 

I stopped to think about the person in this situation and felt more compassion towards them then I could have thought possible, despite all of my previous attempts to do so. I am grateful for tender mercies which are so 'insidiously' placed into my life...I might have missed it....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Having ventured from the east coast to the middle of the Salt Lake Valley, I've desperately been craving a mom-and-pop, little Italy, scenic Italian restaurant. My former roommate from BYU-I came to Salt Lake one weekend, and graciously accompanied us with her presence. Christine is always a fabulous time and we loved seeing her again! She's like Ty's new little sister (well, was all last semester) and even drove all the way from WY to come to our wedding reception! How considerate and thoughtful! We found ourselves a tiny, and of course expensive, mom-and-pop looking restaurant, and ate our little hearts out. My lasagna was delicious, and I was so excited to take my leftovers home, that I simply left that $14 worth of food sitting on the table. I didn't even realize it until we had come home from clubbin' that night! However, the night was not a total loss. Our good friend, Brendan Hammil, is down here working for the LDS Church and came out dancing with us!! I wish I had pictures, because both Ty and Brendan were highly entertaining!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My former co-worker, LuAnn and her husband, took a vacation to Park City and invited us to dinner with them!! It was wonderful to just be together again, for them to meet Tyler, and just have fun! I miss them! She was a very important mentor to me at my time working at Madison Memorial Hospital for the past year. I can't wait to see them again!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I will never have to buy my husband an X-box....

What do you do when you're still unpacking and don't know what to do with the Target gift bags? Potato sack races of course! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'll never have to buy my husband an X-box. There is never a dull moment with us...!

We've still got another year....

Is this not the biggest rainbow you've ever seen? We were driving to the grocery store, traffic slowed down, I freaked out and said, "If only we had the camera," in the most desperation I could muster. What happens next? Tyler pulls the camera out of his pocket (may I remind you that we're going to Albertsons...) and wha-la! It was hugemongous!!

You could actually see the ends of the rainbow!! It was enormous! And, I hope you can see it in these pictures, but there was a SECOND one that extended further! It should be to the left of this picture right above this text...I have never seen 1)the end of a rainbow, or 2) two rainbows, or 3) two rainbows and the ends of both.
A checker at the Albertsons was bringing everyone out to see it-that lil guy was sooooo stoked, just like me...we hope he didn't get fired for not working :) Freakin' rad...