Sunday, January 17, 2010

And The World Turned

this just happens to touch my soul :) i'm looking forward to purchasing the sheet music soon!

also, if you've never seen the movie "Marie Antoinette," that also has a rockin soundtrack! LOVE IT!

In addition to my musical interests, I've decided to purchase a Sewing Machine! All of you sewers out there, cast your input! I want one that does gimicks, like lettering, etc. I'm going to make curtains for our apt as my first matter of business!!

Enjoy the remainder of Jan! Also, if you haven't commented on my last post, please read it over and let your opinion be heard! Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

making your house a home

We're moving. Not far at all. But, we're going to have some extra space. So nice! We're finally going to be able to accommodate our friends and family who come to visit and to actually have a study room! Hooray!

So....I need ideas.

I've been so focused on school and work that our house hasn't quite been transformed into a home..... I don't need my apt to look like the NY Hilton, but I would like to start gathering some essentials to make rooms a little cozier.

Your Project: Jot down some key items (a picture, a style of mirror, a color scheme) that you could not live without! Thanks ya'll!