Wednesday, March 25, 2009


spring was almost was so close, just a breath away....
now its snowing. the only word i have to describe my emotions on the subject: lame.

sweet tooth that could not be tamed...
i made Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with the thickest and fluffiest and richest icing there is.
they're oozing with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. click here for my new fav recipe.
my heart and mouth: beyond happy

truthfully, my cinnamon rolls actually look like the pictures. word.

panic week at school-week long exam plus comprehensive immunohematology exam friday.
made me weak in the noggen.
i learned how only studying makes krista a very dull friend and roommate the hard way.
that = not so good
now, i'm balancing, yet still have stress tendencies.
now x2 = husband that talks things out with me and help me to see the bigger picture.
my emotions here = celestial :)

moral of the story?
3 things to make your life better:
1. Spring sunshine
2. Cinnabon (trust me on this one. forget the gym and the diet. just be happy haha)
3. A good support system that keeps you from being a lemur
...and if you need a 4th: Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.

what are you craving?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

going under the knife...well, really the scissors!

So here you have it! I chopped off my hair today and I don't even look like a boy! It looks so much better in person, but I suppose you'll have to settle for the mac-photobooth photos! And don't worry-my hair isn't crooked; my head is just tilted haha Enjoy! Let me know what you think!!! And, don't you love how Ty jumped in this picture? haha
Summer is coming!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shackles, Security Guards, and Servants

Today as Tyler and I made our rounds on the assigned hospital floors, it seemed as if everyone was asleep! The last thing that I would want to do is wake someone up while they're in the hospital, so we usually make a mark on our list, and keep going. We'll come back around at least 2 more times, so hopefully we'll catch them at some point. One part of the protocol is when you enter a room, a person of same gender as the patient goes in first, then invites their spouse in with the patient's permission. But today, it seemed as if all of our patients were male, so Tyler took the reigns most of the time.
We came back to a particular room for the second time (the patient had been in with doctors previously) and since he was male, Tyler knocked and entered first. A security guard sat on one side of the bed, and as Tyler introduced himself, the patient shifted his weight to look at Tyler. He pulled off the mask (you wear a little clear one when they need to give you more oxygen) and gasped out, "I'm an inmate, so I can't have the sacrament, but I would really like a blessing." With the security guard's permission, I entered the room, to find the older man chained and shackled to the hospital bed. A member of the branch presidency had come with us, and he helped to administer to this man, who told us of an operation that he would be having shortly.
Its interesting to know that despite the choices this man had made which partially qualified him for his particular position in life, he still had faith and wanted to participate as much as he could. It helped me to grasp at a deeper definition of faith-and to hear the words that God loves all of His children-that we can always learn that He loves us, despite our silly attitudes, or our constant mistakes-to know that we are all the same in the sense that we too need to remember that fully relying upon the Lord and ultimately exercising that particle of faith should be an ultimate goal. It doesn't matter what our profession, where we live, who we are around, or what clothes we wear - what really matters is the strength of the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father. In the end, that relationship will determine all of the aforementioned characteristics, and ultimately, our character. I love this calling. How marvelous to be a servant for the Lord.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Home Edition

If you ever want to feel this clip. There are a bunch more, so click on one after another. I watched this particular episode one Friday and when Tyler walked in the door, he glanced at the couch only to find me bawling my eyes out, a box of tissues keeping me company, and all I could say was, "i so happy!" haha It just emphasizes having a charitable heart. Love it.


epiphany.... that word is pretty funny - i get a few of those every so often. this week has been CrAzY and I am so happy that is over...but here's the catch....

-When life gets so busy, I always find a million other things that I would rather do then the things I need to be doing. Then, when days like today roll around....all I want to do it sit and think. But all I've been doing is thinking!!!!! Why is that?

-Also, on a more subtle note, sometimes I get a little of out wack with balance. Sometimes I like to think about how life really works. What should I do? Service instead of studying? Or study instead of playing wife :) Its really interesting. Somedays I do better than other and can maintain that balance.
Overall, I finally came to this conclusion. Its not how many acts of service that you do that gets you into the Celestial Kingdom, nor is it how good your grades are, etc, that gets you there either. Its the process of doing both that qualifies you to be the person that the Lord wants you to become, as you listen to His guidance while doing the activities that He places in your life.

It seems so interesting to me that we re-learn the gospel over and over again, just in new ways each time. Something strikes a different chord each time-I like this process...I'm just starting to get used to it.

Now to sit here and think of what to do next...enjoy your weekend!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

change...will it be good or bad?!

I think this trend is inevitable-I think once girls get married, we all inevitably cut our hair!!!! So, I'm sick of my long-ish hair, and want to cut it!!! Who's freaked out? I am!! So I know this is random...but I'm going to throw this out there-let me know what you think!!!

I would love to cut my hair to my shoulders/collar bone-I have to have my hair back all day every day and since my hair is naturally curly, getting it straight sometimes is tricky! I think if its shorter, then I'll actually have to do it......YIKES. And what about bangs? Hm. I don't know! Also, if you guys have pics of short haircuts, send 'em my way at!!!

Thanks-I'll post the results in just under two weeks!!!! Then we'll vote again!