Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its 3AM....what are you doing?

Does anyone else's husband come home at 8pm and go back to work at 3:30am? Well, I can never fall back to sleep, so I'm studying. Started about 1pm yesterday and went strong till Ty came home. Hitting the good ol' books yet again....the most annoying part-I'm super high energy and in the best mood! (Right Leighanne?! haha) Good morning sunshine! (ps: I LOVE my mac!!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ever wonder why some people act the way they do? There's a fellow student of mine who acts just like Penelope from this SNL skit. Now, I haven't ever really watched SNL, so a neighbor of mine showed this to me and I almost peed my pants. Do you know any 1-upers? Especially in church? Oh man! Everyday is a different story. 

How High is High?

Look closely at these pictures-it might be easier to click on them so that they're easier to see....
Hang-gliding thrilled me when I was driving through Utah as a child. How random is it to be on the most boring drive of your life, look up at the mountains for the 50,000th time and then see this!!!!  So this morning, I was sitting next to my living room window, talking to my dad on the phone, and LOOK WHAT I SAW!!!!! I screamed, "Dad!! Its almost like Christmas!!!!" He thought I was bonkers, told me he was going to hang up so I could take pictures....and so I did. 
We live just a few miles from Immigration Canyon, SLC, UT, and this guy is hidden in the trees-I almost thought he was going to land in the middle of the highway that takes you up through the canyon. One guy, before him, looked as though he had landed in our parking lot, which is right behind those buildings.
Look closely-these guys were still pretty high up when I took this picture, but my feet were freezing so I went back inside before they got any closer. The little kids playing in the courtyard in front of my apartment were screaming with was I. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

GO UTES!!!!!!!!

Tyler's First Volleyball Experience with Xta:
Doesn't he look excited? haha He really is-he just had trouble smiling in concert with taking the picture.... Oh, some people's children :)
Beginning of the game...Tyler has never seen me play nor heard me at a game...don't you think he's in for a surprise?!??! HAHA
Go Kat!! Kat (#8) is one of the leading outside hitters with a monstrous number of kills from this season alone! Hi-yah! Did I mention that she's my next-door neighbor? Sweet mercy....
This is me-being quietly excited...well, quiet for me. The camera guy was right in front of us-pretty sure I'm on TV a thousand times because he would always turn around and film me screaming, "Go Utes!! We're #1!!! YEAH!!!" Interesting....
Weird face of the night...I totally smoked Ty.
Up for a serve.....go Kat! She Aced It. 
Tyler, so excited to take our picture after filming the game, for got to zoom out. Good One! Either way, still excited!
Remember the song, 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy?' Well this guy sure did! He was out on the floor, dancing around like a crazy fool! haha He whipped out his belt buckle at one point-all of the MUSS kids were dying. He's just groovin' and there's no shame in that...but it was totally classic. Loved it. 
Oh, and did I mention that I sat on the 10' line? 2nd Row? Life was wonderful. See that empty chair at the bottom of the picture-hence where camera-guy sat. Our Bishop and his wife sat behind us, and this gave them much amusement. Sister Jones said, "That cameraman must be an X-boyfriend or something!" Yikes...haha
Such close games...we smoked BYU 25-16 the first game, beat ourselves the next two, and beat them the 4 and 5 games.... Does this line up just look unstoppable? Feel free to agree. 
Ready stance!

Either way, Utah beat BYU and it was wonderful. Church should be fantastic this week :) haha The best part about it all was the realization that I had during the game.....
Thinking back to being single, I wondered a lot about what I would do once I was married. Would we keep having fun? Would we have anything new to talk about after a few weeks (totally not an original thought...thank you "Our Town" for that irrational train of thought)? Being our 3 month anniversary, Ty took me out to something completely FREE-my favorite type of date, and we had soooo much fun. It was hilarious-us being us, not having to explain ourselves to anyone else. And we won a free T-shirt. Honestly. Can life get any better? Sure it can, but for right now...I'm beyond content. 

Tonight's adventure: Quantum of Solace. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boys, Battles, & My Break!

Love of My Life-Baby Got Back
This weekend Tyler and I, along with the Ground Houndz bboy crew traveled to USU and BYUI for "Dance Battles." Now, I have no clue about breakdancing or what's cool and what's "sick" or "dope." I've been immersing myself in this culture, watching Storm instructional videos, and I even tried doing a few stalls the other night (because they looked like a lot more fun then studying) and promptly fell on my face. Love it. Rach, I need you to be my personal trainer. Seriously.  

So I have a problem. I'm extremely passionate about whatever I believe in, the sports that I play, and especially the fairness and respect that must be given therein. I have ah...some repenting (maybe that's too serious of  word, but for lack of another) do after this past weekend. Sometimes, I find myself back in the east coast with the attitude I've been working so hard to refine. Whoops. At least I'm not the only one. But, before I ever go to another one, someone remind me to watch my mouth. 

Luckily, the girls whom I cherish and have in turn cherished me through thick and thin were there! Khia and Nancy came to experience "culture" in Rexburg on Saturday night and I could not have loved life more!! The past two months have been really challenging for me-I don't know anyone in Salt Lake, nor where anything is, and I just end up feeling ostracized. That's probably by my own choice, out of ignorance, seeing how Nancy and I have a class in the same building and I've only seen her twice on campus! I miss my friends and thanks to those of you who blog: I feel as though I can reach back through the mists of time and feebly grasp the memories-what joy. 
These two pictures are of Terry and then Tyler and Terry. Terry is from Thailand and I love being friends with him! Seriously, he's got my back and its great to have someone who's funnier then anyone you've ever met to be on your side. "You talkin' to me? Is it over there?" I think Khia, Nancy, and I wanted to pee our pants from laughing so hard. Terry-we just love you.
This is the crew (Soul Houndz) during the last round-oddly enough, we lost to a crowd vote on Friday night to a punk-upstart crew, yet on Saturday when there were judges, Soul Houndz battled 3 other crews (vs the 2 on Friday) and when it came down to the judges vote, it was 4-0 Soul Houndz. Remember that cheer from high school? "Score-board, Score-board!?" Yah. I thought so too. 
So, Tyler does these things, and I think they're called Russian Kicks. Well, after the battle was over, the girls and I decided to give it a try in Khia's living room. I jumped up in-between the two chairs and fell flat on the floor before they even took the picture! Rude!! By looking at Khia's face...I think its safe to say I'm a very amusing person. Kate-thanks for pointing out that I'm on my face. haha 
I decided to try from a safer level, and wha-la! Our successful Russian Kicks, minus our hands in the air (they're supposed to by supporting us by being on the ground...I think). Either way, hands-down-wonderful-weekend! 

Now, seeing that its Thursday, I've hit the drudge of demise. Its almost the weekend, I've had one-to-many-exams within the past 3 weeks (seriously-I think I've taken 6 or 7) and I took a final yesterday. Whew. I think I'm sublime regarding everything that needs to be done...hence the emormous pile of clean and half folded laundry laying on our bedroom floor because the laundry basket is being used to wash another two loads...and the fact that I wanted to be frugal yet now I'm learning that a good, user-friendly mop is really the way to go. Dishes still need to be put away, cleaned, and dinner started at some point. Ya know what I want to do? Take a freakin nap. I know, I know, I'll probably get the response "Wait until you have Kids!" which comes most often from my mom! Yet for right now, I'm just a little lady trying to balance things I never have before, uncertain in the steps I take, only overcome by the confidence I have in my faith, the love of my husband, and the intuition that transforms girls into women. But I bagged folding that fitted sheet. Biggest waste of time. Now, time to tackle laundry, vacuuming, dinner, and the inevitable task of studying for Pathogenic Micro, Hematology, etc. 
Any advice on how to balance? Quick and easy meals to cook? And, if you know how to fold the fitted sheet successfully, kudos to you.  

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My "Family"

I finally got my wedding pictures today and as I was going through them for the first time, I found one that really touched my heart! The picture that I have posted in the "header" is a picture of my "family." 

Jared has been my adopted big brother for the past five years and I am completely indebted to him for all that he has done for me, taught me, and for continues to do for me. I love chatting about people's awful baseball stances, the gospel, science, and the joy of his world, Brittany! I would like to express to her (and everyone) just how grateful I am for her and for marrying Jared! She has always supported our friendship and she has become my 'eternal counselor!' I just love them both so much, and looking at this picture brought me close to tears.

Jared is in his final year (semester) of PT school at ISU and Brittany is a brilliant young sugar momma (with more hidden talents then you'll ever know about). They drove down, extremely early in the morning to attend our sealing, and when I walked in and saw them there, I wanted to burst into tears of happiness! 

This is the only current picture I have of us all together and this is my shout out of appreciation and love for them. I miss you two!!!!!  

Officially Official

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So my sister-in-law Brittany (hooray! haha) had this on her blog....and its hilarious! 
Want to be a pirate?! Check out this website and try it our for yourself... I got bored in class and wha-la!!! 

My Pirate Name: Captain Camille Arreola
My Ship Name: Queen Smerelda From The West! 

Tyler's Pirate Name: Seniro Sooner Hooker
His Pirate Ship Name: Lady Uz Pink Shark!

Perfect thing to break up the monotony of the day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happiness is more then a mat that sits on your doorstep

The beautiful days of an Indian summer swept by last week, and as you can see, Ty and I took the opportunity to pretend that we were back in the east during the fall. We celebrated by finding an adequate tree....It was probably one of the nicest things to do that day. My week had been crazy and Ty got home from work early, so after a trip to 7-11 for Slurpees! we moseyed to this dreamy spot.
Have you ever taken a 'cat nap' after church on a Sunday? Found the sunniest spot in your house, no matter where it was? Definitely the highlight of my week. Cozily cuddling with the hero of my existence. Gotta love Indian Summers!

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

Loving Life Together

Not an east coast fall, but fall nonetheless!