Monday, May 21, 2012


Remember the time I was preggo?
Left: 15 Weeks
Right: 34 Weeks

And at 8 weeks I thought everyone could tell!!! 

Friends, Food, and Festivities

 I don't know if I've ever admitted this,
but I used to be afraid of baby showers (for me).
I finally realized what stopped me from enjoying them....
its silly, really.

I'll tell you why at the end :)


This past weekend, 
some of my very bestest friends in the world
[The Alder ladies + Sarah Acree]
decided to undertake this adventure,
and a baby shower was thrown!

 Bahaha! I love this melon baby!

 The Alders have a thing for chocolate mustaches...
and they were in abundance!
I love being a part of this family!

 [recognize these from pinterest? they do not disappoint!]

In my mind,
Laurel Alder just happens to be a gourmet chef,
with roots all over Europe.
These were the best brownies I've ever inhaled,
and I am now a recovering addict.
[chocolate + infused orange + chocolate ganache + caramelized orange slices]

My friend Jessica,
who lives way across the country,
made this darling quilt for our baby boy!
I was so touched.
She did such a great job!
Thanks so much Jess!
[since she couldn't be there, I brought it with me to use as decor :)]

Just me,
setting up :)
And no.
I thought about ironing my pants...
and totally didn't do it.
I'm over it.

Jake the snake.
Loved his helmet hair post bike-ride.

He told me he made everything for the shower...

 Group of lovely ladies who stayed until the very end!
[it was an open house style party, and I wish we had taken pictures all the way through!]
Thank you to everyone who came!!!

 My parting gifts for those who came...
[I wanted to give something I made bath salt boxes and held a raffle!]

Laurel + Clara

 Baby B - aka Bennett Truscott!

 Mustaches strike again!

 and again...

 and again....

and again!!!!


I had such a fun time!
We had hilarious guessing games,
and candy has never tasted so sweet!

We laughed, hung out,
and just relaxed.
I was sooooo nervous before!
No lie.

It came as a big surprise to me
that people actually came.
I have never felt so loved.

I think that I've been so hesitant to want a shower,
because I know all of the hard work that goes into planning one.
And in my mind,
I really didn't think I was worth all that trouble.

when someone [or a group of someones]
takes the time to show you just how much you really do matter,
you will never be the same.

A big thank you to the Alders & Sarah - you were wonderful!
thank you for being such a great party planner!
Your attention to detail will never escape my appreciation!
You are the best ever!

And a big thanks to Tyler,
who I could not do any of this without.
He's kind of the very best thing about life.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be Kind - Thoughts from Jeffrey R. Holland


"So lesson number one from the Lord’s vineyard: coveting, pouting, or tearing others down does not elevate your standing, nor does demeaning someone else improve your self-image. So be kind, and be grateful that God is kind. It is a happy way to live.

 So don’t hyperventilate about something that happened at 9:00 in the morning when the grace of God is trying to reward you at 6:00 in the evening—whatever your labor arrangements have been through the day.

This parable—like all parables—is not really about laborers or wages any more than the others are about sheep and goats. This is a story about God’s goodness, His patience and forgiveness, and the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a story about generosity and compassion. It is a story about grace.

It underscores the thought I heard many years ago that surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don’t expect it and often feel they don’t deserve it.

His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there.

So if you have made covenants, keep them. If you haven’t made them, make them. If you have made them and broken them, repent and repair them. It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time."

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I loved this talk from our most recent conference. I love his wording especially. My dad always tells us that "it doesn't matter where on the staircase you are, it just matters which direction you're facing." What a beautiful concept. Even if I don't understand everything now, as long as I keep trying to endure and have faith, it will come out alright in the end. I love belonging to a church that preaches mercy, justice, and most of all - grace. 

I was fortunate to teach gospel doctrine in my last ward, and for those of you who know me, I love that calling. One of the things that has struck me as vastly important for my own life is the concept of grace + being Christlike.
When we make a mistake,
God does not pull us up in front of a crowd
and mock us for our lack of intelligence
or for that bad choice.

He quietly withdraws His spirit,
and we feel keenly the lack thereof, 
allowing us to recognize our mistakes
and repent.

Then, as we follow the pattern of
we can be forgiven.
This is a small portion of the grace we receive.

In being Christlike,
can we not afford the same luxury to others?
To not mock them or belittle them
in a group or behind their backs?

Can we not also extend
that same God-given grace 
to those around us?

This is my favorite concept. One I work on every day, little by little. I might not understand everything right now, so I'll just keep trying  - and it will come out alright in the end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Updates!

 City Creek may just happen to be
the best place in all of SLC right now.
They freaking brought back The Limited.
I could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!
-its my favorite store, if you can't tell-
I can't wait to be a pre-pregnancy size...haha

Strawberry ice-cubes. 
Eat them before they get fuzzy in your water...
I love it!

 I'm not usually an overly sentimental person,
but getting my mother's day present engraved
was pretty close to awesome.
I am still overwhelmed and thrilled.


Our wedding date...

Please look carefully at this picture.
I kept my scrub bottoms on for modesty :)

Tyler bought me a beautiful dress from The Limited (obviously!)
for Mother's Day as a surprise.
And then, 
I tried to put it on.
It wouldn't even go over my belly!!!!!
Not even over the very top!
HAHA I died of laughter!
Its seriously so funny.
I had to pull that face so I could keep my hands from 
shaking the phone while I took this picture. 
So classic!

 Then, since I have an awesome husband,
we celebrated mother's day again on Monday night,
as well as Tyler's new job!
We went to Happy Sumo at the Gateway!
Tyler loves to be a troll...
"It was just a scratch!!!"

 Then after dinner, we drove over to City Creek. 
I love it!
So beautiful!

We are funny.

See what I mean?

Only a few more weeks to go!
Ok, like 6-7. 
But that's way better than 20. 
Or 40.

My husband loves the Disney Store.

Can you tell?

Isn't this the funniest thing?
Randomly discovered today while at Home Goods.
Hello Monkey!

I almost wish I had purchased it. 

I even started Father's Day shopping for Tyler.

This first day off hasn't been too bad!!!



Friday, May 11, 2012

Tyler got the job!!!!!!!
Thank you so much,
to everyone who kept us in your prayers!
I am so thankful. 
We ended up being so blessed,
that, as a matter of fact,
I may not have to return to work full time
after the baby.
Oh Blessed Day.
 So thankful.
Thank you.
All of you.
wish us luck in this new adventure!
we'll be in SLC a little while longer :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Overload...Enjoy!

 Once upon a time, I got a new haircut.
A lot of blonde got added in,
and I really love it. 

This past weekend, my cousin Josh got married!
Here are a billion photos that you are free to enjoy!
Lucy - my cousin Paul's daughter!
Isn't she a peach?

 This has to be one of my favorite shots of her!!

 Josh and Whitney!

 Whitney's shoes, post temple ceremony!
How rad!

 My sister, Marissa, and her husbando Tyson...

 My favorite picture of Tyson...hahaha
 The preggers and Tyler..

 Josh's brothers, Dax, Nathan, and Marissa - all loving life! haha
Dax just got home from his mission to Brazil! 
Welcome back kid!

 Nate cracks me up.
He works at the Hogle Zoo
and is always excited to tell me what's new there.
Our Polar Bear apparently just arrived!!
I think Nate looks like a turtle here...
At least, that's how I picture a turtle would look. haha

 My dear Uncle Bentley and Aunt Cynthia - 
parents of Josher.
My mom is the youngest of the family,
and Aunt Cynthia is just older than my mom.
They shared a bed growing up.
If that doesn't bring you closer together...
I don't know what will! haha

They are the best family in the world. 
I am so happy to live nearby!

And now a series of odd pictures, 
brought to you by Tyler, me, Marissa and Tyson. 

 We all knelt in the grass at some point
to take pictures...
Marissa had grass stains...
The rest of us are checking....

Tyler took this cool shot- 
Oh weddings :) They are so much fun!

 Marissa and Grandma!
Isn't my grandma adorable!?

Aunt Nancy and her cousins - 
they are my grandpa's nieces. 


One of my friends from middle school - high school 
is also getting married this weekend!
I have to say, 
I was so sad that I couldn't fly out to Philly for the wedding.
Marriage is probably the best decision I've ever made.
I just wanted Melanie to know
how much I supported her decision
to get married. 
Its so awesome.

They're getting married at the 
Please Touch Museum 
in Philly.
Isn't that cool?

I am so excited to see all the pictures!!! 
Much love Mel!!!!!


 8 months preggo! 
I'm enormous. 
I looked back at my pictures from last summer,
on our trip to Vancouver/Seattle/Portland,
and sighed.
I didn't need that reminder of how skinny
my face used to be. 

What is the preggo lady craving?
Shells + cheese + peas. 
It is so good! haha
At least its a good source of calcium....

I also loved chomping down on
an Icee at the movie theater! 
Avengers was an awesome movie,
and I've never had to pee more after a film.
It was seriously like 2.5 hours long! haha
Thanks Tyler for the date!


Last but not least,
I have 4 more weeks on of work,
and 4 more weeks off,
and then baby! 

I'm super excited to start setting up his room :)

Tyler got called back for a 2nd job interview,
and it went really well.
Keep us in your prayers!!

And, I don't know how many people actually do pray for you when you ask,
but I have to say,
I have actually felt so much better
the past few weeks.
Not only emotionally/physically/spiritually,
but I have felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort.
Thank you. 

Baby and I are still doing great.
We are still swimming,
breast stroke only haha,
and are trying to stay healthy :)

Tyler has been the best. 
My family is so caring,
and I have friends who make it all worthwhile!

Thank you so much!