Monday, March 29, 2010

First Loves

"We can give without loving,
But we cannot love without giving."
Bruce C. Hafen 

As some of you may know, I attended a math and science high school.
This meant NO performing arts. 
Not to shabby if you're not used to it.
Last Monday I attended my 
1st Jr. High School Musical.
"Hello, Dolly!"
It was amazing. Those kids are wicked talented!
Jake and Tyler pictured above. 
Jake was an amazing Citizen of NY, as well as 
a talented waiter! I loved the dances!
Clara, Jake, Tyler and Maddie
Loving life :)
These kids and their parents are basically
our 2nd family. They are inspiring. 
Jake, Clara, Maddie, and I
Don't you love their expressions?
Maddie and I missed the memo...
The 70s picture of Nate and Laurel
(that's what the effect is called).
They are the world's best role models. 
If you need one, too bad. 
They're taken!
PS: Don't let Nate's expression fool you.
He's just recovered from smooching the Mrs. 
And he loved it :)

 Tyler and Clara.
Staring contest. 

I think Clara won.
In other news, 
we finished moving our furniture 
into our 2nd bedroom.
Its the best room. 
Best feeling. 
1st time owning a futon. I'll never get rid of it.
So comfy. We have a hard time getting off of it!
Please appreciate the library in the corner.
All of my books aren't even here yet. 
I love books
and arranging. 
We've got some good work cut out for us!

Another 1st:
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Now, listen. I can bake anything.
Ask my friends from HS. 
The only thing I cannot make....
chocolate chip cookies
That's embarassing. 
So, tonight,
I made them for the 
1st time
aka: they turned out amazingly well!
Thanks Karen!
YAY to my self esteem!
This is what I get to cook them in. 
What's with the easy bake oven?
 Inside the monstrosity.
Along with being teeny-tiny,
The dang cookie sheets bang! when they warm up.
It'll jump-start your pacemaker for sure.
Another batch! 
Go me!
The cookie monster. 
He loved me tonight.
You would too.
They, finally, turned out well!
(I haven't dared make them the entire time we've been married.)

Leave your favorite recipe! 
1st recipe swap!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Water. My favorite drink. 
Apparently, I haven't been getting enough.
Isn't that a little odd?

After 2 weeks with a raging virus inside me...
my blood pressure has decided to drop. 
Hence, I'm super dizzy. All the time. 
Fatigue, malaise, nausea, and worst of all,
a raging fever. 

I hate staying home from work. 
Blah. Its only been one day.
At least I'm not contagious. 
Which is why I'm going back to work 


Moral of the story: Drink more Water!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Warriors!

Ashley and I 

Tyler and I

Tyler Breakdancing

Ashley flying!



Terry Post - the Post with the Most

-Welcome to my world of unedited photos. I just wanted to post some recent weekend warrior-ing...we are exhausted! For more pictures, click here!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinner Ninner

Ever wonder what to have for dinner?!

I did too. Tonight, in fact.

Check out this Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina!

Looks so good!

Very easy, very fast, very inexpensive!
I used everything I already had...LOVE that.