Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Bones

My mom made one of these when we were kids! I took it to HS for a Day of the Dead party, my teacher swiped it, and ever since, I've felt so bad! So:

(Lisa, this means you!)

Isn't he darling? All you need are a few milk cartons (6-7), string, a one hole punch, a hot glue gun, and a craft knife/blade. This is thrifty, and amazingly durable. 

 Here he is, halfway through assembly! I was really excited to finish!

For some reason, my pictures keep getting flipped! But, you get the idea! 

Tyler is certainly loving Mr. Bones.

I'm thinking of spray-painting him with glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and then hanging him outside!
Also, wouldn't it be fun to attach black "bolts" to his neck? 
Then he'd be my Frankenbones. 

I made one for my mom, to replace the one I lost for her. 
Shh! Don't tell! 

Its already in the mail!

 Again, sorry for the twisted pictures! I've tried everything, even copy and paste. Blogspot did not want me to share this with you! 

So, here's the link! Try it when you have a minute!

I think for those that want to do this with kids, you'll have to wait till the end where they can trace their feet and hands - otherwise, your craft knife/blade and scissors might be a risky temptation for the little ones!

Thank you to my mom (she is very creative!), Family Fun, Caroline for the 1-hole punch, and the sisters of the RS for contributing their milk cartons to my craze...or I mean, cause!

 Tyler says I can't hang him outside until October or until I figure out how. Living in an apartment can be tricky sometimes.... Enjoy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Circus Fun!

The Circus was so much fun!!!!!!! I loved every minute of it! I took over 200 pictures and 5 videos, so I just put them into a slideshow - there are too many fun ones to post!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Of

I went to the Zoo for a few minutes this week with a great friend and 2 of her kids! Lori and I loved the little baby, Zuri, and her mama elephant - they played and everything! Isn't Zuri cute?

These little guys were hilarious. I miss seeing them so often! We'll definitely do it again soon!

And, if you get the craving for a great hamburger this week, try out Red Robin's Mt. Olympus burger:
Warm Feta cumbles, spinach/artichoke spread, garlic mayo, tomatoes, etc - all on ciabatta bread!
(picture from my phone)

This morning I also helped a great friend, Jaclyn, move - she's on her way to work for the Mayo Health Clinic in MN. I'm definitely going to miss her! And let me tell you! I'm glad I skipped my workout this morning! That was enough! haha So, here's to the rest of the weekend:

-company tonight (we've having egg rolls, ham fried rice, etc)
-Tyler takes the GRE tomorrow (throw a prayer up for him!)
-Volleyball game with Nancy B. Wilson
-Circus with Paul, Wendi, and the girls (in town from Australia)
-Sunday dinners with the fam
-Appetizer night Monday night with friends!

What are you doing this weekend?! (maybe you should head to red robin and try that burger!) Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

chicken little

Have you ever felt like Chicken Little? I mean, honestly. Sometimes, the sky is falling and it falls in pieces, and in chunks, and bonks you on the head.

A week or so ago, the pieces began to fall. Ever so slightly. As the gravity of those pieces accumulated upon my shoulders, I began to feel weighed down as they got bigger and bigger - to the point that I thought I could hold them up no more.

So, I did what any reasonable, 24 year old girl would do. I woke up at 8am one morning, cried, cried, and cried some more, and eventually exhausted myself until I cried myself back to sleep (thankfully) from 10-noon. Why did I cry, you ask? Let me tell you a story.

I have a firm belief that no one, in their right mind, wakes up at the beginning of a beautiful day and says to themselves, "Self, my goal today is to make everyone miserable." [Maybe the adversary does, but technically, I don't think he actually wakes up.] Instead, I think people wake up with struggles, burdens, imperfections - these dot their conversations, interactions, etc. Lets say that I have infallible hope in people. Well, sometimes I have to wonder whether that hope is at times misplaced.

When women gather together, they tend to make themselves feel important by sharing 'facts' or information they think they know. Danger herein lies. And, for the record, even if sharing that information seems harmless, it really isn't. It hurts. Especially when it is ungrounded, wrong, misconstrued, and meaningless. Once again, I don't think most people start out wanting to hurt someone else - I think they want to feel important and want others to think that they are "in-the-know."

I've been working on what to do. I found myself mentioned in such a conversation. The information was shamelessly false, funny, and wasn't really bad - but because it came from people I had fasted for, served, and prayed for over the span of months, I felt betrayed. Not that they meant to harm me in any way, but oh. My heart trembled. What to do. Do you simply walk away and stop being friends? I don't really want to do that. Do you confront them? I probably wouldn't have been able to. Do you cry? Yep. Do you pray about this situation for a week and a half? Duh. Do you read 3 books that make a difference? Yes.

1. The Anatomy of Peace.  I'll probably read this book every single month for the rest of my life. It helped me to view people as people (read it and you'll get it too). This helps when trying to forgive and not be so hurt.

2. The Holy Secret. I'm going to re-read this in companionship with #3, and jot down all of the notes I can. I gained a lot of insight about the importance of the Prodigal Son, the Temple, etc.

3. My scriptures. Alma 7 has been powerful as of late. (Matt 5:23-24 x Mosiah 4:13 - cross reference those, too.)

Overall, I'm still healing. I promised myself a few things in the process. And I've discovered a few things too. I just want to share one.

I have a firm belief that in turning over our resentment, our humiliation, and our pain/suffering to the Savior, we can become more like Him. Think of it as a trade - He's already taken them anyway; why not let Him?

We place our imperfections upon Him, and in turn, He gives us the grace to overcome all.

I'm giving this a try.

Experiences, suggestions, advice - all are welcome. If you don't want to leave a 'public' comment, feel free to email me at lilbebedoll19@gmail.com.

Cheers :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Jake. You made our weekend.

Go Olympus!!!!! (#12)

Thanks for being the little bro that Tyler never had :)
...and for making him a matching bow tie. You guys were a hit at church :) See you soon, and start anticipating your next loss at 5 Crowns!

Tyler and Krista Hollingshaus

Soundtrack of Sept 13

Tonight's inspiration - (ignore the pictures)

Also featured on tonight's soundtrack:
-"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward OST"
           Artists: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Youtube these guys. Inspiring.

The English Surgeon

"There's a great quote by the Hungarian poet Faludy, who said that Soviet communism is like acid poured over metal—people made of base metals were destroyed, but people made of gold shone all the brighter. When I see people like Igor or Katya, that's what I feel. But how I would be if I had the acid poured over me? None of us knows until it happens; all one can do is see that some people have come through that, and it's very humbling."

-We watched this at work the other day. I think my favorite part is right at the end when he talks about humanity's responsibility towards others :) I tear up; can't help it. Give it a listen!

Friday, September 10, 2010

W^ reath

# 1 - I think I really do love this one, in its own right.

take 2.... I think I'll change the ribbon dependent upon season....

# 2- This is my current favorite!

So I painted the wreath form and I thought it would take a lot more paint! Not! Very simple!

Glue the ribbon on and then the beads....


take 2:

You like!?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


One Word.

Love the clean lines. Oh My. 

Loving their September line....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall To Do...

This week on was a LONG week! I don't remember exactly why, but I went to bed around 11:30 last night and woke up at 10:40 this morning. It must have been a long week! So, now I'm off, and I am off to new adventures.
-Appointment with Planned Parenthood: cheapest way to get BC. Creepy, but cheap, and close!
     (there has to be an upside to everything, you know)
-Making some more keychains (for the mother-in-law),
-Making this wreath (hopefully), or another kind.....

Is it bad that I just don't know where to go to get the best deals on things like hot glue guns? Maybe, but then again, I do know a lot about rare diseases, so I guess its a tradeoff :)

Recent Reads:
I've read a lot of books lately, but Sunday I read this one:
"Finding the Diamond Within.
10 Ways Every Woman can Sparkle"

Picture from Amazon, but I don't think the author is going to mind - she is one of my dear friends. Dear, you ask? Yes. We served together in the Medical Branch and Tyler was the 2nd counselor and her husband the 1st in the Branch Presidency. Mary is tall, gorgeous, funny, talented, and has raised 5 beautiful kids. They are an awesome family. I really loved serving with her - laughs never stopped.

She gave me a copy of this book as I left the medical branch (not an advertising scheme, I guarantee it), and wrote some inspirational thoughts in there for me to remember, especially when times get hard. I lent the book to a friend, got it back, and put it in my locker at work, knowing that it would come in handy soon. A few months later (aka on Sunday), I needed just that. I read the entire book, and came away with profound appreciation for the life and experiences of another. I feel silly, calling her up to say, "Your book made such a difference!" but can I just tell all of you - it really did. I suggest picking up a copy and reading it. Or borrow mine.

I hope your week is full of fun weather (its just starting to cool off here in Salt Lake, and its so nice!) and sunshine. I feel so optimistic - something good is coming soon!


ps: Tyler was in the local news this week - his crew competed in some local competitions and afterward they had a one-on-one, which you can check out here. I'm glad one of us is cool!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ode To EmPo


I get home from work - 8:15pm. Been at work from 8:15 am.


Put laundry in washer (in home).

Watch UofU game online.

Take laundry to dryer (a few doors down).

Start to walk out of the laundry room.......and this is what I saw, on the floor, by my feet:


I can't tell which because fear has clouded my memory.

I sent this email to our RA (and she also happens to be one of my best friends):

There are enormous (3") cockroaches, which may or may not have hissed at me, when I went to do laundry in the East Bldg tonight. Oh my. You will be proud of me because I did not scream. Even when they may or may not have hissed at me. I simply stepped over them, ran out of the door, and am now making Tyler go and get the clothes out of the dryer. Ew.


hahahahaha (but inside, AHHHHHHHHH!)



ps: They're probably just very large beetles, but they still have the same effect on people. Maybe, they just die easier (the beetles). Lets hope so."

EmPo. I feel your pain. Almost.

At least the Utes beat Pitt!

(the picture of the roaches might not last long on here. i don't like it. its giving me the creeps.)