Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baby Pictures ~ The Acree's

Our dear friends from college,
the Acree's,
had a beautiful baby boy this Spring!

James is such a peach!
Isn't he perfect?

Thanks for letting me come capture these sweet moments!

{ps: I am still waiting on purchasing editing software, so iPhoto is the best for B&W conversions!}

May 2013

Most of my pictures go in Instagram or Facebook.

I have completely, unashamedly, and blatantly
neglected my blog.

This is my recompense. 

{fair warning - this is a picture packed post!}


Random morning musings with Bubba Bear. 
My hair was SO long. 

Loved having family over this month!
My mom stayed a week or so after graduation,
and we all hung out. 
Its so nice when your immediate family is close by!

Bountiful, UT. 
I love old, historic buildings. 
I think this is their tabernacle...
My favorite buildings in old Western towns.

Busting out my green thumb!!! {haha}
My mom and I spent some time getting the plants picked out,
and that was so lovely. 
I really loved having her nearby to help me pick out plants!

 With the help of a great friend {Nancy!},
I got these already built garden boxes.
Her mom directed me to the local IFA,
and I got great soil!

Then, my Aunt Nancy, my mom, Tyler, and I
all got together and made these garden boxes fruitful!

 Sideways is sometimes the only 'ways.'

Flowers from Costco. 
They lasted FOREVER.
Aren't the colors to die for?!

When I would drive home from work in May,
sometimes the overcast sky made for the most dramatic light.
I drive home on N. Temple, SLC UT.
 Its a lovely reminder to me about the commute home. 
No, but really.
What a sense of peace the temple brings. 

Fun braid :) 
starts up top with my fringe, and then wraps around.
Best workout do I've had to date.

 Giving bubba a 'nana. 
He just squishes it between his fingers!

ps: He's 10-11 months here. 
And enormous :) 
Healthy babies are thick babies, just in case you wanted to know!

The garden is growing!

Sky is gorgeous. 
Straight out of my phone. 
Love the sunsets. 
I love feeling immersed by them.

The second box (bottom right) is all seedlings.
I really wanted them to grow quickly,
so I soaked them for 30 mins in water and then planted.
Totally recommend doing this!
It worked great!

Ethan is so funny. 
He is always crossing his ankles when he sits. 
I love it!
His personality is starting to sneak up on me!

 Playing with Elizabeth!

Bald babes. 
Nuff said.

 I got Ethan this chair for $5 and he is so funny when he sits in it.
His legs don't reach the floor yet, 
so he just slithers his way out of it
by arching his back and slowly scooting. 

Its my first time. 
I love the experiment. 
Can't you tell!?

I'm already getting tomatoes!
Oi vey!

The wind (which is like the wind in Rexburg)
was totally drying my plants out,
so I ghetto-rigged a fence,
since ours isn't in yet.
Ingenious, right?

And ya know what?
My plants grew so much better once that thing was up!
Take wind into account when you're gardening!


I decided to change jobs in May, 
and this is a picture from my last day at ARUP Laboratories.
A little party was had, 
and bubba bear didn't get it. 
But he did enjoy the ice cream and cake!

This was a picture from my last weekend at ARUP.
Totally basking in the relief of finding a new path in life,
and soaking up all of the good rays that heaven can give!

When you ask Ethan to give you "big smiles,"
this is what you get!

Satisfied? haha

Tyler has the best co-workers. 
They remember so much about our little lives,
and make you feel completely included. 

Here's Ethan on a quick trip to Nelson Labs!

East Coast Freak Out.
Pres. U at Costco!
I zoomed in, ok?

Also while at Costco, 
Tyler wanted to buy Ethan a puppy!!!

Rainbows :)


 Happy mama, happy baby.
 First view of the splash pad,
and our first trip out to the park!

While shopping, I could tell Ethan was a bit confined in the stroller,
so I usually take a break while others finish 
and let him play in the back of our SUV.
Its so fun for both of us to just take a small break,
check out, 
and play together. 
I try to do this if we've come from the mall, etc. 
It makes for a much happier ride home.

Daddy loves putting his hats on the bear. 
So cute. 
 Tyler's sister and her family came into town from Australia, 
and while we spent a little time with them,
I only got a few pictures due to their exciting schedule!

Here is Sydney and Ethan watching a movie. 
He adored her.

Ethan at 11 months!