Monday, April 20, 2009


lately i have been craving. craving, craving, craving. lame. it makes me feel like i should pee on a stick just to make sure that i am just crazy about NACHO CHEESE, and not prego.

i know nacho cheese is NOT good for you, but my arteries LOVE the coating they receive when i indulge :0 soooo good! especially the later you eat 2 am. haha gross. i know.

and i'm not prego. just crazy about nacho cheese. DELISH!


Katy said...

Oh you sneaky lil' devil!! I was ALL freaking out and giddy when i read your title.... you totally got me!!!! Well, nacho cheese IS pretty much the greatest item on Earth- so preggo or not, it's not THAT crazy!!! hope all's well!!!

Alan and Kiersten said...

you totally had me all excited!!! tricky. tricky. tricky. and all of a sudden i want nachos...thanks for that. haha.

mb said...

That kind freaked me out when I read that because everyone and their dog is pregnant right now... watch out!

Rach said...

edamame are soy beans in the pod. just steam them and eat them right out of there. so good!

ps i love fake cheese.