Wednesday, January 13, 2010

making your house a home

We're moving. Not far at all. But, we're going to have some extra space. So nice! We're finally going to be able to accommodate our friends and family who come to visit and to actually have a study room! Hooray!

So....I need ideas.

I've been so focused on school and work that our house hasn't quite been transformed into a home..... I don't need my apt to look like the NY Hilton, but I would like to start gathering some essentials to make rooms a little cozier.

Your Project: Jot down some key items (a picture, a style of mirror, a color scheme) that you could not live without! Thanks ya'll!


Stacie said...

those wavy 4 piece mirrors from Ikea are really cool i think!

Leighanne Johnson said...

I LOVE black iron rod things. You can usually get them for pretty cheap and they look really nice. We also use a ton of picture frames that are just black so it matches everything no matter what little accessories you have, but that's just what we do ;)

Bethany Gilson said...

Krista! I miss you and sorry I totally didn't help you move! We should get together soon!

Katy said...

dang, i've MISSED you!!! i'm sorry i've been such a total slacking loser.... blogging has been pushed on the backburner lately!

COOL, new home!!! LUCKY You!!!!

i don't really have any cool ideas for decor.... unless you consider pink, sparkly, princess infested toys all over the place decor. it's pretty much our sad sad life!

Jordan + Amber + Camryn said...

LOVE any shade of blue. Seafoam green, cobalt blue, tiffany blue, etc. GREAT shade if you have white cabinetry in your kitchen, or bath, makes it feel spa-like & light. Or with dark wood in the kitchen and light appliances. Whatever :)
Congrats on a home & extra space!
What I would do for that man! :)

James and Lori Ellsworth said...

Since you are still in UV, and have cinder block walls, part of me says, who cares? I love pictures of family, weddings, anything meaningful. Prints are cheap, and you can use a magnet board if you don't have $ for frames. I also like things to look clean--NO CLUTTER.

Rach said...

just go to Ikea. ikea is always the answer.