Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vegas Virginity

I'm about to lose it.

So excited!

If you read my 'cynical' post, you'll know I need a change of scenery. I need time with Tyler. I need to get out of my surroundings and forget it all.

Thanks to Rachel, I'm going to get a grip :)

Off to St. George tomorrow, never been there either, and then off to Vegas (T/F/S), and then back for church on Sunday.

Thanks Alder Family for all of your support. We'll be excited to meet more of the family on the way!

Look for pictures upon our return! YAY!

Feel free to comment with your favorite places to visit in Vegas/St. George, etc. I'll check 'em on my phone while we're down there!!!!

Vegas Virginity = about to be taken!


Brittany said...

have fun!!! just don't look to the sides as you walk down the streets!! ;) if you need something to do, you can get cheap tickets for the plays and the phantom at the venetian is amazing!!

Jordan and Crystal said...

i have only been once. I loved just walking through all the hotels...see the water show at the belagio (sp). Also love the buffets! and don't take flyers from anyone!!!1

Kim and Brindy said...

In St. George, if you have a day or less, I always enjoy going through Snow Canyon State Park. It's only $5 for your car and there are a lot of fun little hikes (little-1/2 mile or so). They have petrified sand dunes that are fun to hike on and climb all over. It's right by Tuacahn, north and west of St. George. I highly recommend it.

Katy said...

WOOO!!! time to par-tay!!!