Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Cards, Take 2

I finally ordered my "holiday cards," since they'll arrive in mailboxes a little after Christmas!

It was a hard choice, choosing between 3 of my favorite designs,
but Ty liked this one [below] the best.

So, here's a holiday card for all of you in Blogger land!
Happy Holidays!

[ps - If you want one, send me your address!] 

Hopefully they'll run another promotion like this next year - that way I'll be able to make this a tradition. I really hope our generation sends greeting cards. I loved getting them growing up. Here's to hope for the future!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

[pss:  for some reason, I could not post the description under the card. The formatting hated me. So, my friends, that is why you get 2 holiday card posts. Kind of obnoxious, but we'll get through it somehow!]


Katy said...

you are so beautiful! i love your cards... they're gorgeous! you're on the ball with cards this year... one day we might get our act together in order to do so... but not this year! :) love love love your creativity!

Jalene said...

i want one!!