Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backup Dreams

This week Ty and I have "Spring Break" at the same time. For once, my week off coincided with his Spring Break. How awesome is that? Maybe we'll randomly go to CA again, like we did last summer!

 -sigh. remember when my hair was that color?-

We've decided to plan for the Backup Dreams.

First things first. The Graduate School Dilemma. 
-where do we go from here?-
pic from last summer 
-Tyler, when forced to apply for grad programs [by me?! never!], told me he didn't feel good about applying. He's glad he did, b/c now he knows WAY more about it.
-I like to take advantage of every opportunity.  And, if you know me, you'll know how much I love school. [Today I told my dad I wanted to sign up for Calc 1 again. He asked me if I would use it at work. I said, "No. But it would be fun to do over the summer!" Even he thinks I'm nuts.]
-We found out that we didn't get into grad school this year.
-The best part: how happy, giddy, excited, and at peace we felt! How funny?! Yeah. I thought so, too.

Seriously. I thought I would be so bummed out. 
And I wasn't. Not even a little bit. 
Its nice to know how right it feels.
Especially when you've been stressing about making 2 sets up backup plans.
"Do we move here, or wait? Do we have kids yet, or wait?"

Now, everything feels right. 
That's better than the alternative.
By a lot.
I grinned from ear to ear, jumped up and down, the works!!
[So did Tyler haha]
Oh my. I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer it is to not get into a grad school yet.
And honestly, I'd never thought I'd feel that way.

Its nice to know my heart can still change.

Secondly. The Future. 

-grateful that my future holds these people-

-I really dislike the unknown. That's really all.
-But, I love to plan.
-I planned a trip to San Fran, which we ended up not taking, but I loved every minute of planning it!! What's wrong with me!? [So, people have started asking me to plan their trips for them! I get just as much joy out of planning the trips as they get from going. Its a perfect set-up. I get to plan, they spend the money. Works like a charm! haha]
-We're thinking about buying an SUV.
-Oh. My. Heck. Are we serious? Have you ever spent an entire morning reading car reviews by consumers? Eek! I want to drive this now.
-Cars in the running:

1. Honda Pilot
2. Chevy Equinox
[just drove a 2008 - ah!!!!! so nice]
3. Nissan Murano/Rogue
4. Toyota Highlander
5. Jeep Compass/Cherokee
6. Acura MDX 
[another favorite!]
7. Lexus RX300 or 350 
[ok, not reasonable, but I still love this car. a lot.]
8. Hundai Santa Fe

The list could go on and on, but we're test driving lots this week.
Voice your opinions if you've driven, owned, or loathed one of these vehicles.
Remember, I need the following:

-Front Wheel Drive or AWD/4WD
-Sunroof [not a need, according to Tyler haha]
-Ok mpg

Yeah. That's it.
Third. Moving.
-We're looking for apartments. All over the Valley. 
-Fun, b/c I like to plan.
-Sad, b/c I don't want to move.
-Regardless, change comes and moves things along. 
 Best thing about all of it?
1. It feels right.
2. Lots of friends having babies w/in the next few months! 
This means Aunt Krista to the rescue!!! So excited!
3. A year of fun for Ty and I, since we'll both be working.
4. More opportunities to grow.
5. It feels right.
.just like this.


Rach said...

yaaaay! excited for you! And to move, i actually love moving. new place, new friends, new ward...you know, the whole new and unknown thing is always fun.

Jalene said...

aww you guys are great. don't move too far, because i like you here. also, we want to get a mazda cx-9. i think they are cool, but know nothing about them.

Jessica said...

I felt the same way when Deg and I (finally) decided against grad school. It just wasn't the right fit for us, and we've had such great experiences in the last year that prove to us that we are where we're supposed to be. Life falling into place is really wonderful, isn't it? Good thing we have the Lord to guide us, or we'd be toast!

Also, I own a Mazda. And I'll never own one again. After 100,000 miles, it decided to implode. Don't know if that's just mine or if that's all Mazdas in general. I've decided to stick with Toyotas, but that's just because my Corolla is indestructible. Not that that helps much...

justified said...

LOVE this post! You guys are amazing!! Man... I'm glad you guys are sticking around the valley for now at least.. Good luck with the search for the SUV. I've only driven one of them on your list, the Murano. But I drove it all the way to Denver and I LOVED it! Love you guys!

Michelle 2021 said...

Oh Krista, I need to call you. First, you know how we feel about our Subaru. You should at least test-drive the Forrester or the Outback. They speak for themselves. Second, I really wish I shared your hope in the future. I know the Lord takes care of us, I just don't like when the car jerks around a little when you thought you made the correct turn. Bumpy roads make me nauseous. But I'm really happy that you guys feel good about moving forward.

Bethany Gilson said...

yay! Love you guys so much and isn't it great that Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves!

MacMui Mom said...

Glad you are feeling at peace with things. I know tryign to figure out what the Lord wants is not always an easy thing. I am in the process right now. Sending love and hoping you will come East for a visit!