Saturday, June 29, 2013

Graduation 2013!!

At the end of April, 
Marissa {my little sister} and her husband, Tyson,
graduated with their Bachelor's degrees from BYU!

We were so happy for them that we threw a fun dinner for them!

The food was intense,
and so was graduation! 

I love graduations - 
everyone cheers,
yells hysterically,
and I cannot stop laughing through the entire 3 hours. 

 Picture shy?

Let's try this again...

 Remember how much my dad likes being in pictures?
This picture kills me.

Graduation Day!

 My dad is always trying to lean out of the picture... 
Ok, so I wasn't centered. haha

Melanie, Marissa, and I!

Yay for our graduates!

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