Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Foto Time

We decided to finally get some family photos taken.
Oh goodness. 
It was about time! 

The pictures really captured Ethan's personality perfectly. He is just getting to be more of a little boy with each passing day!

Just a few updates!

*Ethan loves to make animal sounds - his favorites are cow, monkey, horsey, gorilla, lion, bear, fish, elephant, and sheep. A wide variety, I know!

*Ethan is mischevious - in the best way. He'll sneak something he isn't supposed to have, like dish soap if I misplace it back under the sink. Then, as he creeps away, he'll laugh - his sneaky laugh - and wait for me to catch him and tickle him. Its awesome.

*Ethan loves to dance. Is anyone shocked?

*Ethan tries to jump, on his own now, and its hysterical. He only brings one leg up off of the ground...and then emphatically places it right back. Oh, if only I were better at descriptions!

*He is a tall, solid, healthy boy! He is full of life and is getting smarter by the day. Its so fun! He is tricky and bright - the best combinations for a little guy.

*Ethan loves to brush his teeth, and loves to have his teeth brushed. He even turns on our soaker tub, grabs his toothbrush, thrusts it into the water, and then proceeds to brush his teeth. Really!? Awesome.

*We gave Ethan his first haircut on Sunday and it was horrifying. Shots were a cinch compared to cutting his beautiful, curly, golden-red hair. I cried a tiny bit at the end of the night.
See? Oh man. Awful. Those are just a few curls. Sob.

*Ethan loves to read books - no surprise there! He gets that from Mommy. I cannot put any good book down. Neither can Ethan. That's usually how we get through Sacrament Meeting.

*Only 2 more months until Nursery! Yay.

Overall, everything is going pretty well for us over here. There are lots of changes continually happening, but when they happen to you they don't seem all that important. Ya know? Hopefully I'll be better at blogging. Don't hold your breath, but I promise to try!

Happy Halloween!

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Jenny said...

holy moly - he's huge! What a handsome little toddler you have! Can't believe you are already getting past the baby phase.