Monday, November 4, 2013

F is for Falling Leaves

 Bubba and I playing around on our Sunday afternoon hike up the canyon in Bountiful - he was in heaven, climbing all the fallen tree logs, playing in the leaves and sliding around in the dirt. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, if you ask me!

 Bubba at Grandma Sander's house - playing around! Look at all of that hair! This was obviously before the scalping of a haircut. Poor golden locks!

 Nana loves Ethan. So naturally, she gave him his first Oreo cookie. Things will never be the same!

 Sharing cookies with Nana!

 Swinging at Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Bentley's while they were at church!

 Then, we gathered leaves in their backyard and entertained everyone who came out to play!

 Bubba still doesn't get it. haha Just give him a few tries, and then he'll be stomping those leaves until the cows come home.

 Tyler and I love swinging Ethan around, dragging his legs through the leaf piles, and hearing him laugh. Its a good day!

 He loves it.

 What a ham!

 Then, Uncle Bentley decided to 1-up Nana and gave Ethan a Popsicle. Anyone think this kid loves Kaysville? I know he does!

 Ethan's first big bite. hahaha Must be a little cold!

Overall, the outing was a huge success! Thanks for having us, Kaysville clan!

Coming up, Halloween!

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