Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tempests, Trials, and the Temple

Tonight is a big night for me. At 6 o'clock I interview with my Stake President and arrange to have my endowments taken out in the Washington DC temple! Its been interesting to watch all of the drama that has slowly unfolded out of the wood-work to prevent it from actually taking place....
I've been living within my home ward for the past 3.5 months - my mom is the Relief Society President and my dad is in the Bishopbric. When I went to meet with my Bishop on Sunday, having finished the Temple Prep class, they discovered that somehow my records weren't there! That's a scary thing - I cannot be interviewed without those records! I basically broke down in the Bishop's office (You think I would have had some pull with my parents being directly involved; maybe someone could have noticed in 4 months that my records weren't there?!)! The one thing that I've wanted in my life, more then anything else, was about to not happen! Now, calm down, you might say - but in return, let me offer another fact: My Bishop was leaving the next day to travel to Europe - and wouldn't be home until the day before I was scheduling my endowments! Think of the events that would have to be rushed to get through that one - Oh! And the temple closes the following week for cleaning, along with every other temple on the East Coast. Oh my.
Fortunately, I got my interview, scheduled one with the Stake President and am now happily passing the time during this work day! I will receive my endowments on July 19th, 2008 in the DC temple, and could not be more excited!


Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Hey Krista! So glad you guys have a blog that I can stalk you with now. You and Tyler are adorable and I am so excited for you.

It is amazing the trouble that sometimes presents itself when it comes to the temple huh? I was just in Provo and decided to finally go to the temple for the first time since Jade was born, so I woke up early and went and it was closed! Of all the days.

Anyway, best of luck with the rest of the plans. Love you!

Anonymous said...

It always nice to read a blog about a friend or a friend's soon to be wife. You should definitely check out our blog and learn about the fun you have even when you've only been married for 2 months. Ty is an awesome dude. I wish you both the best.

Ann Marie said...

Krista!! Yippee!! I'm so glad you have a blog! I love it!! Anywho I'm way excited for you! That will be a very special and exciting time going through the Temple and getting married also! I'm happy that you are so happy!!
Holla at your BOIIIIIII!!!!

Gates & Tausha said...

HEY!!! You guys are SOOOO cute...I love all your look GREAT together!! :) I served w/ tyler (E.Hollingshaus!:)in Portland...and I'm SOSO stoked for you 2!! Love the "meeting" story n such!! :) Love the blog!! (hooray for blogs...i'm so pro-blog!) me if you 2 wanna check out ours (it's private!) Best blessings on the up-coming wedding!!! super stoked!

The Godfreys said...

How exciting!!! And dang.... I've always wanted to go to the DC temple, enjoy it! keep up the blogging and dont forget to send us an announcement :)