Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dumpster Diving Duo

This weekend Tyler went to work insanely early, came back and we just got to hang out.... We decided that we needed to go shopping for some groceries later that night, so as we walked to the parking lot, a beautiful thing caught my eye-someone had moved from our ward/apt complex, and being poor, married college students, dumpster diving is the way that I shop for furniture bargains. See, in the area that we live in, moving is enough of a hassle-forget actually throwing your stuff IN the garbage!! They just leave the stuff right in front of the bins! I took one look and decided, "Yes-I DO NEED THAT!" It was pitch black outside and the cabinet had been sitting there all day! No one else had taken it!
Tyler and I decided to use some teamwork and carry it to our apartment, but it was SO HEAVY! I am utterly useless when I laugh, and what do you think happened? I felt like a thief, sneaking away in the night with this huge white whale of a cabinet and I didn't want to get caught! That made everything funnier, and to make it all worse, the cabinet was slippery! So I laughed and tried to carry it, only to move it 3 feet before we had to put it down again so I could get my laughter under control. I ultimately bagged the idea of carrying it, so I did some reconisance: there, under the darkness of a large tree sat a dolly-a bright yellow dolly beckoning to me!! Totally ran, brought it over, and we successfully wheeled it to our apt.
Well, then comes the task of carrying it up the stairs! Tyler took the bottom and I took the top-I did better and only had to stop once from laughing! We got ready to stand it upright in the stairwell and it just kept slipping-Tyler thought he was going to get nailed in the face, then fall down the stairs just to have the cabinet land on him and ultimately die. Nothing that dramatic happened, but we struggled and laughed and got it in the door! I was going to take a picture of it laying on its side in our living room, but completely forgot-sorry! It was in almost perfect condition-these cost more then $100! I could not believe it! People need to move more often-now I actually feel like I live in a house, not a cinder-block-igloo!
As we locked up the apartment to once again head out in the dark night for the store, I held his hand and couldn't help but think that this is how newly-weds make a marriage! We do almost everything, household-wise, together and have patience (with me laughing) to ultimately achieve what we have set our minds to do! I could not have had a more wonderful experience moving furniture...who woulda thought?!!


Ashley Webb said...

Oh Krista! I thought it was just my apartment complex that ditched furniture in front of the trashcan!! Last week we found a coffee table that we sold on craigslist. It's funny that it's always the wife's idea to steal the abandoned furniture and the husband just goes along with it!

Brad & Emily said...

HEY! I just happened upon your blog, and I'm thrilled! Hope you don't mind if I check it out!

Brad and I have a blog also, for your viewing pleasure. :) goodsells.blogspot.com

Hope life is good!