Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Editorrial Confessions

One of our many wedding pictures. I've never posted any of my professionals. Why, you might ask? Well, that's what my confession is alllll about. Click on this picture. Enlarge it till it fills your screen. I must confess that while I love my wedding pictures, I don't feel like my photog put any effort or thought, etc, into taking them. I'm missing essential shots - and lets be honest - you can't re-create that day. The pictures are beautiful, no doubt, yet...there's just a little something that's been found wanting...

Many of you know my personality. I'm not one to keep things to myself when I feel that justice needs to be served. But guess what? I've kept quiet about this since November, and since my emotions are almost under control, I figured I'd be ok. I sought some good advice from a photog friend and finally emailed my photog today. I gave this person 2 options...and a week to decide.

Either way, I might be in the market for someone who loves to edit photos, another photog, etc. I'm not trying to be silly - I'm merely interested in greener grass :) I'll post my prof wedding photos for you all to see; let me know if you think I'm going least Ty supports my habits! haha


Katy said...

ok first off-- all your pics are stunning, you're a gorgeous bride!!!

secondly, I know how it feels to feel a tad shorted on the "most important pictures of your life"... I too feel sadly disappointed!

thirdly, I'm no pro.. FAR FAR from it... but if you want to send me COPIES I'd be happy to edit a few for fun.

so... now for the dirt... whatdidja say to your photog? were you like, "do it or I'll hunt you down and make you wish you were never born"? Ruthless, I tell ya!:)

Jalene said...

Hey Krista,
It really pains me to hear that you feel your wedding photos lack what the photographer should give every single client... and that is effort and time! It's something I hope to have all my clients going away feeling someday... like they meant something to me and I enjoyed photographing them. I would edit photos for you, but who knows? You secretly could hate your engagements? ;) Haha. I don't know?
And if you're interested... I would love to be able to add a groomal shoot to my portfolio. And let's face it... You and Tyler are the perfect models! That way you could "semi re-inact" your wedding day... Downtown, urban bride and groom shots? All for free?

Let me know if you're interested.
Love you guys. :)

mb said...

Wow. I feel exactly the same way. We have a total of maybe 30 bride and groom shots and they are all right mediocre at best. That one you posted is at least somewhat artistic, ours were not in the slightest. I've looked into getting bride and groom pictures taken again as well, so I definitely feel your pain.

Bethany Gilson said...

Thanks for coming tonight! Wasn't it fun! I think your pics are beautiful!