Friday, August 14, 2009

One Hundred Memories...

To begin, this is my 100th post! Way to go us! Never thought I would make it this far :)

In other good news, today was our 1 year anniversary! Full of exams, work and CeleBrationS! Hooray! I raced through my exams today because seriously, its Friday and I wanted to come home and play! I thought I wanted something exciting or extravagant, but when I got home, all I wanted to do was just be. Just be with Tyler.

Love this picture - The Bountiful Temple is breathtaking!

Kissing...I know...gross :)

I love this picture, because its exactly how we are - laughing when we're supposed to be serious!

Here we are..together forever!

....Funny story - today I was walking home and I had curled my hair alllllll pretty. I had dressed up a little more than usual, which is saying a lot, because I work in a lab all day - why would I dress up? So, walking home from school, I was on the phone with Ty, and all of a sudden, the clouds start to sprinkle on me...I tried to lift my backpack over my head to protect my hair (pause: Not Vain - my hair is naturally curly, and if I've spent actual time on it, you'd better believe its not getting ruined.) but it was too heavy and I felt like a drama queen.... I raced across the street, down the block and by the time I made it to the hill and trees by our house, it was getting heavier. Tyler raced to get the car, I'm 2.5 blocks away and I dash under this HUGE tree just in time to have hail and buckets of water come pouring down. I felt like a drowned cat...minus the wet part. Tyler whips around, I raced down the hill and LEPT into the passenger seat of the car, victorious! No damage had been done!

We took a trip to the Old Spaghetti Factory located in Trolley Square Mall and it was AMAZING. I was completely blown away - those restaurants are divine in decor....completely worth going to just for the experience. Food was delicious, but mostly we were together - so much fun!

We came home and randomly some crazy truck was blocking part of the drive into the parking lot - I decided we should head towards the mailbox, after we had parked, so I could see who that person was.... We get there, the guy is getting stuff out of the truck, I'm staring, and lo and behold....Andy and Serenity!!!!!! My great friends from BYU-I totally moved into our court in Salt Lake!!!!!!! I was beyond excited - nothing better could have happened! Finally, to have friends from before living so close .... its practically a miracle!

After we visited with Andy and Serenity, we came home, only to receive a phone call to head up to the hospital and give a blessing. We spent the rest of the evening there with family after the blessing, and had the most amazing experience. I truly cherish consecrated moments. Nothing today could have been better..minus taking the tests!

Tomorrow my lovely little sister comes to visit, bringing her roomie Alissa with her! Tyler and I are excited to have them both! We have surprises ready for Rissy and Alissa and I hope they love them! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

ALSO: an important side note. After discussing issues with my photographer, he "re-edited" my photos, and upon return, DOUBLED the amount that he sent me. Seriously? How shady. I'm glad I confronted the problem. I love the new pictures I received (from a yr ago today haha) and I am ready to send them out to my lovely editing recipients! That's why I haven't mailed them yet - sorry Katy! haha

You Guys - ENJOY THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!


Jalene said...

Happy Anniversary to my most favorite GQ couple! I'm so glad to hear you had a great day and glad to hear you confronted your photog! Way to go, Krista! Now that you have more pictures... did you still want to do our little shoot? I still would LOVE to... so let me know. :) Loves. Oh, and I hope the interview went well.

elizabeth, eliza, liza, liz, elles, etc. said...

suuuuch a cute post i loved reading it! you guys are adorable!

Katy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! You two are friggin adorable!! And LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY Andy and Serenity (whoever they may be) but they get to live by you guys!!!!! How fun!

Oh and I agree with Jalene, SO glad you told your photographer what's up... and SO SOOO glad you're happier with the pictures now!

ps. truly don't worry about the pics, if you want me to play with them, I'd absolutley do it... but if you're happy with them, no worries... i just want you to be happy!

ps. Say YES to Jalene... i love her... don't know her... but i love her!

Bethany Gilson said...

happy anniversary! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. PS Tyler shot a huge deer! See you soon!