Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the BIG day

Today, I applied for my first real-life job. The HR department will take a month to review my application....haha...which is perfect because I finish my rotations in a month. AH! Beyond exciting.

Its not the position I've been dreaming of, but its ridiculously interesting! Its in the Molecular Oncology department! (Hence, diagnosing and monitoring cancer patients via DNA extraction, etc. - since everyone still doesn't know what I mean!)

Cross your fingers for me, ok?


ps: a little prayer goes a long way...and it never hurt either ;) we would really appreciate it!


Leighanne Johnson said...

yay! i hope you get it! that's awesome, i bet you could be on CSI: Maimi/NY. ;)

Gates & Tausha said...

that sounds like an ULTRA smart blessings getting it!

Bethany Gilson said...

I know you will get it! You rock.

justified said...

fingers crossed.... and a little prayer action as well. hopefully this time the prayer makes it to it's final destination. haha

Katy said...

both fingers crossed and prayers said for you!!!! You're amazing and you're a total shoo in for this gig! Way to go on getting your first big-kid job!! :) love you!