Sunday, September 13, 2009

update :)

a lot has been happening, but not a log of blogging to accompany it :)

random update :
1. one more week of school for me and then "official classes/rotations" will be OVER.
some of my friends have already planned a party because they're that excited that i'll be done too

2. tyler still has a million years of school left - haha
he's doing great and is ahead in every single class :) keep it up lover face!

3. i miss my family. what else is new?

4. looking forward to friday :) and fall weather, but we can skip all of the snow...well, lets just skip 4 months of it...i'll settle for 3!

5. an interesting post is about to be stay tuned :)

---in conclusion, my new fav thing is :) can't you tell?!


Nancy said...

Is your new thing this..:) :) :)?? They are all over that post!
You must be happy!!!

Elle said...

oh i'll be waiting for an interesting post ;) miss you!