Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World's Best - Smoothie

today, i got the black lung. aka scratchy throat. annoying. i loathe being ill, especially when i have a lot to do this week. lame!

so, i haven't been eating well and this morning, i decided to be inventive and make a smoothie. now, i am not one of those "just throw it together people" so i did a tiny bit of research on the internet, until i realized, "hm. i'm just going to throw things together," because seriously - i was hungry! so i threw anything and everything in my freezer together, and wha-la! World's Best.

here's what i did:
1.5 cups of milk
scoop of vanilla ice cream (leftover in the carton)
frozen grapes
frozen strawberries
frozen pluots (hybrid of plum and apricot)
dash of sugar
frozen orange juice concentrate (a few scoops; i didn't use the whole container)

--you have to microwave the frozen fruits on 30% power for a minute or so if yours are as cryogenically frozen as mine were. hence, you don't want to blow out the motor on your blender, unless of course you have the Vita-Mix. I hear that thing can blend concrete without blinking.

may i just say the thing is heavenly! and, you almost got a picture to go along with the post, but all of my batteries are dead, and the camera = broken still. haha imagination is the key!


MB said...

That sounds wonderful. My mom used to have a Vita Mix and those things are like the Rolls Royce of blenders. I loved it. We only have a hand blender which makes things especially difficult. But I feel the need to try. Looks good. I love shakes :)

abby and paxton said...

yummy- i love smoothies. in fact, i was thinking about getting one today! not making one, although i do have a lot of ingredients you added in yours to make one. hmmm... BUT i don't have a blender. just the magic bullet, which does not serve as a blender-- it kinda sucks.
Also, i enjoyed your previous post about comparing yourself with others. A friend and I were just talking about that a few days ago, so it was good to read that. And my brothers and mom always told me that girls only dress up to impress other girls too. it is so true. Guys don't sit around complimenting each other's clothes and accessories. haha. that would just be silly.

Katy said...

The fact that you have Pluots in your freezer... it's frighteningly impressive.

We've got old, freezer-burned corndogs and some decade-old venison in our freezer.

I love your guts!