Friday, October 2, 2009

bangles, bracelets, bags: chop chop!

Me caught in the act of pondering about my haircut!
I loooooove it!
This haircut goes with every style I wear, my hair always looks fab,
and I am soooo in love with it!
Pictures really don't do it justice!
(esp b/c its from a phone haha)

yesterday i got a hair chop. i got more color and more cut off then expected, and i have to say, i'm feeling pretty great about it. usually i would spend the next 3-4 days freaking out completely, worrying if i'm still the same person: funny story - my girlfriend cuts her 4-yr old's hair and every time she does, he runs into the bathroom to check if he's still himself - and gets worked up. i take this as proof that 4-yr olds and girls can act the same! haha

and i got bangs! last night i told tyler i'd always had them before...but now that i'm thinking about it, i'm pretty sure i never had them in high school (maybe jason will remember?!) but did have them in college...but those two time periods feel the same now. i miss high school - i would go back in a heart-beat with everyone else who was there. college-i miss because of the opportunities i might have missed with studying all the time; even then, what a great time.

ok, back to the hair chop! pictures might come soon; maybe someone this weekend will snap a shot of yours truly. and, ya know what? i've decided to use my hair like an accessory. it doesn't matter the color, the length, or really the style i have now (though i really dig the current cut!): i'm going to have confidence from within to exude from every strand.

have a great conference weekend!


Jalene said...

Oooo I want to see!!!! What kind of bangs?

Alan and Kiersten said...

i bet you so pretty!!! i want to see pictures! you better have some up soon!

Lindsey and Laren said...

Post pictures ASAP! It sounds super cute!

Abby said...

i wanna see pics. i got bangs too!! it's the season.. ha

Dawna & Justin said...

Ohhhh I loove it!! I love the length, it looks sooo healthy! And super cute bangs! Your hair is always so darn cute!

P.S. The "Word Verifications" when you post a comment are kind of crazy, yeah? Like I just had to type in that even a word?