Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Specials!

Today, I bought these jeans:
-retailed at $59.99 ------------ for $6.49.

I bought the best, black staple, fancy black top:

-couldn't find a picture online..

-retailed at $39.99 ------------ for $10.99.

I bought the most flattering sunglasses:

-retailed at $12.99 ------------ for $1.00.

I love the Gap. And Fall Specials!!!!!!


Katy said...

i. adore. sales.


Sterling said...

Not that I don't enjoy reading about the jeans you bought on sale, but I'm a little disappointed that Tyler hasn't posted anything.

Lindsey and Laren said...

Those sales seem amazing! Oh how I LOVE to shop! How is everything? We need to get together this winter becuase this will be my last semester :) Good Bye Rexburg!!!!