Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is what I'm holding in my hands.
Well, that's not my hand, but you get the picture :)

The Nikon D5000 + the 55-200mm F4-5 Lens
+ 9 free photography classes (2hrs each)
+ $50 camera bag
+ 2 free 8gb memory cards (steal)
+ a free photobook
+ free portrait sitting by
a fantastic photographer
+ 9 mo. financing
(I need to build credit..
we'll see how long I can wait to pay it off.
Tyler is guessing 3 months...
I'll never make it 9!)
+ some other free stuff that I can't remember
= WAY less than I thought it would be.
Ultimately, its going to be priceless.
And, thanks to all of you folks who helped me research
this decision for the last 18 months.
I am not an impulse buyer.
But today...I finally made the 2nd biggest purchase of my life!


Aren't you all excited to FINALLY see pictures?
Freak, I am.
Its about time!


Brittany said...

congrats.....that's is such a nice camera. i'm jealous. take some pictures for me. i will still grace you with the pictures from my crappy kodak digital camera

Katy said...

i'm absolutely GREEN/AQUA/PISTACHIO/LIME/SEA FOAM with ENVY!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh, i'd sell my kidney for one of those... they're beautiful, splendid, gorgeous.... i'm in Love!

congrats on your new "baby" (looks like you WERE expecting.. eh? ehhhh???) i'm so happy for you!!! (um, can i touch it?)

cannot wait to see your pics!!!!!!!!!

Stacie S-H said...

wow. Wow. Lucky! cant wait to see what pix you take with it!

Ashley Webb said...

I'm super jealous! It looks amazing - can't wait to see all the amazing pictures! :)

Jordan + Amber + Camryn + Brighton said...

good for you for researching it out and being certain first! :) It looks beautiful! ha ha can't wait to see the amazing pictures you'll be taking with it!

Jalene said...

i was just lying in bed thinking about this...
and i thought i should tell you that if you want to build credit by financing this, i believe it will only help you if you show six months of repayment. it wouldn't hurt you to pay it off early, but it can help you more if you have a loan showing repayment for at least six months. you could pay off a majority of the balance in 3 months and leave like 30 dollars for the last three and pay $10 every month. that way you save on interest. creditors determine good repayment history on a sixth month basis... i think. they like to see longer periods of time so they know you are a good borrower. this will help you when you decide to buy a house. :)

here's where my financial education comes into play. haha.

Callie, Shawn and Braxton said...

I, too, have to say I'm Jealous... Where did you get it from to get all the free stuff? Where are you taking classes? So fun. Enjoy double time for me.

mb said...

yaya! Good cameras are SO nice to have!

Lindsey and Laren said...

I am SO SO SO excited. Lets for sure get together when you two are up here! Do you know the dates you are thinking of coming up?

Lindsey and Laren said...

I am SO SO SO excited. Lets for sure get together when you two are up here! Do you know the dates you are thinking of coming up?

Alan and Kiersten said...

WOW! NICE! i'm excited to see pictures you take with it! have fun!!!