Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinner Ninner

Ever wonder what to have for dinner?!

I did too. Tonight, in fact.

Check out this Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina!

Looks so good!

Very easy, very fast, very inexpensive!
I used everything I already had...LOVE that.



Katy said...

i absolutely love it when the stars align and you:
1) found the perfect recipe
2) have everything you need to make the dish
3) have a hungry, excited husband to feed this to!!!!!!!

looks AWESOME, domesticated mama!

Stacie said...

Wow Yum that all looks so delish!

MB said...


Do you have the updated editor? In the Settings tab if you scroll down to the bottom and click on the udpated editor then you should have an option when you post photos to make them small, medium, large, or extra large. That's what I always do!

Creative Stirrings said...

That looks tasty! I also LOVE the new camera! Have a blast!

I may have to snag that recipe too!

bob and sara rich said...

Sara and i thought that looked pretty good, well have to give it a go.