Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Water. My favorite drink. 
Apparently, I haven't been getting enough.
Isn't that a little odd?

After 2 weeks with a raging virus inside me...
my blood pressure has decided to drop. 
Hence, I'm super dizzy. All the time. 
Fatigue, malaise, nausea, and worst of all,
a raging fever. 

I hate staying home from work. 
Blah. Its only been one day.
At least I'm not contagious. 
Which is why I'm going back to work 


Moral of the story: Drink more Water!


Katy said...

Kick that illness to the CURB, lady!!! i'm sorry you feel so crappy-- but AWESOME use of the word malaise!!!

Jared, Brittany & Ethan said...

you are so beautiful! i hear you might be coming to see us this weekend!! excited i am..... :)

MB said...

UGH. I hate being sick. I am sorry. However, it is way better to be home and sick than at work and sick.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

This is hilarious. Did you really get that sick JUST from not drinking enough water?? Thats crazy.

Oh and in response to your previous post, I am SO bad at hip hop and break dancing, so I have such respect (and jealousy) for Tyler and his friends.

xoxoKrysten said...

Ugh, being sick is no fun at all!