Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution


I realize I've been gone for a while.

Well, I just want to share one New Year's resolution, because I'm going to need your help.

We've decided to NOT EAT OUT. Ever. Again. [ok, not really]

We will eat out for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Only very special occasions. 


The dilemma.

On my weeks on, its really hard to cook, starting at 8:15 pm.

Lets talk about freezer meals, quick fixes, templates that help silly people like me make and keep a schedule, etc. Simplify Supper is a pretty good website, but I don't know that their meals are tested through.

Ready, get set, go!

I'll even have you over for dinner if you help me out.



Jane said...

ok so i'm waaaay late on the response. but if you already have a team then I'd be happy to sub. let me know.

Jenny said...

I really want to do a lot of freezer meals this semester. Maybe sometimes we can get together to cook. I do things like mini meatloaf (meatloafs in a cupcake pan), enchiladas (both beef and chicken), stuffed shells/lasagna/pasta type things and other casseroles. Most things that bake can be frozen and then thrown into the oven when you want them.

Jared, Brittany and Ethan said...

what a good new year's resolution!! i have a few things to offer so you can use them or think they are completely stupid. i don't know exactly what your work schedule is like but last month I did a dinner group with 3 other girls in my ward. you were assigned one night a week to cook meals for the other families (and yours) and then the other nights of the week dinner would be brought to you. it worked nicely. it might be hard on your weeks on but i have more details if that interests you. Also i have info on freezer meal groups too! i have always thought starting one of those would be nice! lastly, i make a menu plan every month and i have a food label assigned to each day so i know what type of food i'm cooking. it makes it easy when i need to think of something fast so like for example: Monday-Mexican Food, Tuesday-Chicken, Wednesday-Italian, etc. I plan out four meals in each category and then i have my month planned. It's really helped me when it comes time to start making dinner. I have an Excel spreadsheet if you want me to send it to you. As for tested recipes, my go-to website is I have tried several things on there and they have all been excellent!! good luck! if I think of anything else i'll let you know.

Hikari said...

I like to use this blog for ideas. When I was at Mormon Times, we did an article on her. She's done a lot of trial and error, so she has a lot of great tips and recipes.

AND, we are finally getting settled in. We need to have you guys over!