Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snapshot of Christmas

The stocking that I made for Tyler:
Tyler doesn't have a stocking. Can you believe it!? 
When living in CA, their roof got a leak and the attic flooded. 
All of the Christmas things were ruined. 
So, this year, in less than 3 weeks [one and a half of those working], 
I made this stocking for Tyler. 
I love it.

[don't mind him cheesing in half of the picture - I really wanted a close up of the stocking]

My parents bought us some really fun games for the holidays. 
We returned the favor. 
The Great Dalmudi [to the 'rents]
5 Crowns [to the 'rents]
Sequence Dice [my fav!!!! from the 'rents]
Rummikub [ a classic, from the 'rents]
 I'm pretty sure this is the only picture of us together on Christmas lol
It was a crazy day at work....

My mom made this darling apron for me! 
I don't have one and she picked some beautiful fabric/colors for this!

See that puppy on the chair? Same one that Tyler proposed to me with. Leo, the puppy, is obviously included in all of our festivities. He even wore jingle-bell antlers, thanks to Tyler. Ty's going to be a great daddy haha

More to come...

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Ashley Webb said...

How fun! I LOVE that apron - and I don't know if I told you this or not, but I am obsessed with your hair. You look gorgeous!! :)