Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy face

I've made a few discoveries this past month. And they've been the best!

I must preface with a personal struggle.


I've beat myself up for as long as I can remember for not being pretty.
I used to not be able to walk down the driveway without makeup on, 
to get the mail from the mailbox,
because I hated how I looked.

I've tried everything.
Neutrogena, Clearasil, Clinique.
[worst ever]
Proactiv-made it worse.
I've tried hand soap - that works well, actually.
Birth control.
You name it.
I've tried it.

And, its been a long struggle to love myself despite this enormous, 
and oh-so obvious flaw.


I have come to terms with myself.
I told myself, looking into the mirror w/o makeup
at BYU-I,
that one day, I would make a beautiful wife.
Someone would love me.
Despite it all.
Now I have that. 
And better, I'm learning to love myself.


I would like to announce a few things that I've finally discovered,
that create a happy face!
[besides dropping the intense self-loathing haha]
These are 2 of my favorite, current products!

-the facial cleanser is kinda interesting. 
Get this - you wash off your face [get rid of makeup; at least this is what I do], dry it,
then you rub a dime-size of the cleanser all over your face and neck.
Its melaluca and peppermint, and it feels like cream!
Then, once its rubbed in, you wash it off with hot water, and a washcloth.
Wow. It leaves your face feeling so...bright! 
It doesn't dry you out, make you oily, etc. 
Just perfect.

-oatmeal soap
this I found at WinCo.
My co-worker pays $8 a bar.
I paid $0.93
Oatmeal is used for people with sensitive skin [uh, yah. that's me]
This is the best way to start a new regimen!
It smells like an oatmeal cookie in a way.
And, it exfoliates!

This is a happy face!
-can you tell I've just come home from work?
iPod still in, scrubs on, and tired!

I'm running a clinical trial on myself.
I wear Este Lauder "Double Wear" makeup.
That stuff doesn't even come off when you're swimming in Lake Powell.
[I am taking recommendations for new cover-up/foundation if you have any!!]

So, scrubbing it, washing my face all the time, leaves me dry.
And I have combination skin.
Dry here, oily there.

I've used all sorts of facial lotions.
[see references above!]
My sister recommended the Clinique you see before you.
I'm having limited success with that, but I still love it!

So, my friend Emily recommended something interesting!
I put a few tbs of olive oil in that clear bottle, 
4 drops of Frankincense Oil, 4 drops of Melaluca Oil
and wha-la!!!!
Best facial moisturizer ever.

You would think that it leaves your face oily.
You would be so wrong!
I was delighted!

 The other bottle I have pictured is called "Purify."
This one is a knock-out.
You know when you have a large zit that you'd like to leave?
One drop of this onto it and bam! Its gone.
Even if you've already picked it.
It zaps it. Good-bye!

And that, my friends,
leaves me with a happy face!


email me if you have any questions!


Hikari said...

I feel you on this one. My skin is the worst. It was okay until my mission. The mission destroyed my skin and I fully expect a place in the Celestial Kingdom because of it. ha. Anyway, I've found that, no matter WHAT, I MUST moisturize before I go to sleep. That alone has done wonders for my bad skin. I'm going to look into your other recommendations.

Marianne said...

Thanks for sharing this struggle. This is not mine but I have my own trust me. Who knew we had similar thoughts. You are beautiful inside and out!