Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun Facts - Clues to Vacay Trip

I realized that my hints about our trip were so vague, and Hikari actually guessed one! Hikari, send me your addy in Boston!

Here are a few more fun hints!!!!! Feel free to Google away and then leave your guess for where we're going!!

City Clues:

1. _______ 1919 was the first general strike in the country. 60,000 shipyard workers walked off their jobs. All power to the people!

2. ______________  hasn't had polling places anywhere in the state for over a decade. All voting is done by a mail-in paper ballot. (You can also drop your ballot off up until 8PM on election day at a drop-off point.) This state has one of the highest voting rates in the US!
[just leave a guess for a city in this great state!]
ps - Ty served his mission here.

3. This capital city, __________, is geothermally heated from underground hot springs.

4. Popular attractions in the city include Stanley Park, Granville Island and Robson Street.
(Hikari, this is right up your alley!)

Game on!!!!


Rach said...

Stanly park? Um one of my favorites....remember where I'm from? Like 5 minutes from the border! You MUST eat legitimate asian food when you guys are there, there are a lot of asian and indian peeps there=amazing food. China town is rad.

Marianne said...

Oregan! Didn't Tyler serve in Portland? Portland is your city of destination.

MacMui Mom said...

Okay, Stanley Park is in Vancouver, BC. I beleive Oregon or Washington has only send in ballots.Forgot the other clues. We will be heaed to the NW in August to see grandparents!!! Miss you!