Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're going on a trip! Copy Cat Edition...

For the 4th of July [mostly the proceeding week], we're going on a trip! I love an idea my friend has, so I'm going to copy~cat it here! [don't be mad rach! haha]

----If you guess one of the 5 places we're going, I'll send you a post card, from that location---


if you already know where we're going - no guessing for you!

First, 5 clues:

1. We're driving from Utah.

2. We're going to 5 cities...4 of which I've never been to.

3. The drive will encompass 4 days of driving, 1 of flying, 1 overnight stay without our road trip buddies, and 1 flight back home.

4. Tyler and I are stoked to use our passports again!!

5. One of these cities was voted the most "livable" place a year or so ago....  
[doesn't every city boast that?! haha]


So, game on! Guess away! So many pictures to come! Expect post cards during the 1st week of July!
Game runs until June 28th.....

Lake Blanche Trail
June 2011
I need to post about our hikes! All in due time...

Hope you're having a great week!


Marissa said...

Dang I know all of the places! But I will enjoy hearing about them when you get back!
Also how do you always look so cute even when hiking!?! Jealous!

bob and sara rich said...

If you visit Pittsburgh you better stop by, and yes that's one of our guesses.

Jordan and Crystal said...
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Hikari said...

Are you going to Canada?