Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Daze!


So much has happened in the past few months, 
I have totally fallen out of 'blogging!'

One weekend in November, we randomly decided to move.
Tyler pointed out that it wasn't that random - 
we'd looked for a place we loved for over a year, on and off.

We finished Ty's first graduate class semester,
finished applying for graduate school,
and had finals.

Then, came the move.
It didn't take long,
but I still haven't unpacked my clothes. 
Go figure!

Then, 4 days of work, 
and bam!
Off to Delaware.

Christmas was amazing! I hope you saw the video I posted on facebook!
My family was so surprised to see us!
It was totally worth it!
We had dinner and lunch with friends,
celebrated NYE in Philly
by watching fireworks,
and toured DC.

We did so much,
and it was the prefect vacation!
We even drove 45 minutes to get our favorite summertime dessert!

So many more things to come...
but here are just a few pictures of the vacation.
Can I just say its so lovely to have a best friend to travel with?
To hang out with?
I love Tyler...he's practically the best.
And, my family loves him a LOT too,
which makes my day.

 My favorite Smithsonian - the art is so refreshing!

Aren't you just yelling for me to fix the angle? haha I am too. Oh well.

Why don't we use this as the White House?! 
Love the French inspiration...

 We walked the entire 7-8 mile loop.
I'm so glad I put Dr. Scholl's in my boots!

 I might just print this one....

 Could they have made this monument any cooler?
This is probably one of my favorite things to see in DC. 
So amazing.

 The WWII Memorial.
I took these pictures for my grandpa. 
He rarely talks about the war...
but when we're alone, sometimes he opens up.

 Eventually, I'll crop out this fence...haha
And the random looking wine-tasting event going on.
Again, the WWII Memorial.
They did such a lovely job!

 My temple.
I love it.

 Julie, Me, Addison [Julie's little 4yr old! So cute!], and Mare!

Chad, Me, Addison, Tyler
Jules & Mare.

Mare had us up to Philly to watch fireworks!
On the East Coast,
they shoot fireworks off of bridges, barges, etc.
Then, they sync the video footage to patriotic music,
so while you ring in the New Year,
you can watch fireworks from the entire eastern sea board.

Mare lives right on the waterfront in Philly,
right after the Benjamin Franklin Bridge - 
such a great location!
We had the best time!!!!!!!
Thanks so much Mare!

In other good news,
I'm way closer to picking out a camera. 

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Stacie S-H said...

Great pictures! Maybe I should add you as a friend on FB so I can see that video. Looks like such a fun vacation - I've never been out that way and I hope to someday! Tony & I just bought a Canon Powershot SX30 IS camera and so far we (he) likes it a lot. I think its kind of big and heavy but I guess thats what having a nicer camera means :)