Friday, April 6, 2012


Spring in Utah is known to many as "Sprinter."
 Spring + Winter = Sprinter
I find it quite funny...
The daffodils always poke their heads up,
bloom for a week, 
and then bam!
Snow all over the place!

So, since it snowed this morning
after a week of lovely 60 and 70 degree temperatures,
I am eating leggo-my-eggo waffles,
and drinking a heavenly cup of
raspberry-cheesecake hot-chocolate.
Thank you Stephen's!

I also decided to post some pictures of spring...
just to tide me over until tomorrow!

and, as usual, the images aren't edited..haha

These pom-pom flowers always make me smile...
anyone know what they're called?

i LOVE overexposed photos...

Maybe I'll blow this one up and frame it? Decisions...

I love this ethereal in a sense.

Happy Easter :)

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