Friday, April 27, 2012

Keep Swimming!

Funny story.

Remember the time I have 3 pinched nerves? 
One in the ribs (r side), and 2 in the upper back?
This makes life "ouchy."

I stand for 9-10 hours at work,
b/c I cannot bear to sit down! haha
Driving is interesting, 
and sleeping is GREAT. 
I love sleep.

So, what do you do?
Oh, they put you on Loratab,
which is like drinking water...
aka ineffective.
Don't take that anymore.

you do PT, Chiropractor visits, and massage.
None of this is very helpful.
Guess what is?

We joined a local rec center,
and it has 5 indoor pools. 
Holy Moly.

I swim 4 times a week,
and it seems to be lovely...
my kid is logging lots of zero gravity hours. haha

Last night, I was swimming laps...
breaststroke is my favorite.
So, after 15 minutes of that, 
I decided to switch it up and freestyle!

I started out ok,
and then kept sinking in the water!
I was baffled!
What is going on?!

I kept swimming,
and subsequently kept sinking!
I bet the lifeguard was dying of laughter!

I finished a lap, 
stood up,
and put my hands on my hips,

Why do I keep sinking?!?!
i looked down....
and then realized something.

I'm freaking dragging a bowling ball beneath the surface.
My kid was totally weighing me down,
and it took me 10 minutes to figure it out. 

I grabbed a paddle board,
and tried it again.
So slow. 

At 8 months, 
I'm going to take what I can get. 
Just, not while doing a freestyle stroke. 

That, my friends,
is a word to the wise.
Be prepared to sink when you swim! 
But, just keep swimming!
Its wonderful!

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