Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slowly but surely...

This past week has been crazy!

We have our brother in law staying with us for a bit,
from Australia! 
G'day Paul!

He brought his assistant from work with him,

She is freakin rad!

We shopped till the wheels fell off.
And my feet.
And my shoes.

 This week they're in Vegas for a convention,
and then Ashlee flies back to Melbourne. 

This just means that we'll have to go visit in Australia!

Paul brought the baby the CUTEST present:

A crocodile dundee hat!!
Complete with a tooth and all!

We got the adorable stuffed animal from our good friends,
Kyle and Leah,
and he makes a pretty good model :)


So since the past few days have been a little demanding,
family functions,
lots of good shopping,

My body decided to have non-stop contractions
from 3:30am - 6 pm
They were probably 45s-1 min long and a little bit more than 5 minutes apart.
of course,
my dr is out of the office this week,
so guess who trekked to the hospital yesterday afternoon?

---> This girl <---

They hooked me up to monitors,
and I hooked my iPhone up to the wi-fi,
and Pandora was my friend :)

Of course I'm not in 'real labor' yet,
but monitoring is the way of the west.
And we're good!
Baby is super healthy!
I'm at 2cm and 75% effaced.
And I could stay this way for weeks :)

The worst part is the nausea.
I don't know why it hit me so hard the past two days,
but it is odd - not like morning sickness at all.
 I think its just a part of the journey.

They tried to keep me for an additional hour,
but I talked them in to letting me go home.
Hospitals are boring.

So I took the day off of work today and FINALLY,
for probably the first and last time (haha)
I got a good night's rest! 
Its so nice!

Anywho, when Ty got home from work,
he decided he needed to do some assembling haha

 So the crib went up,
and while we're still arranging the baby's room,
it feels a lot more 'real' 
now that we have a few things up.
A big thanks again to Jess for this super adorable quilt!
And yes, I do sleep with it on the couch sometimes! haha
She said I could!

So baby,
stay in for a little while longer;
contractions stay away too,
but sooner or later,
we'll have big news!

I'm going to take a nap!


Michelle and Judson said...

Hang in there girl, that's exciting and probably does make it sooo real. I've got about eleven weeks and I'm already freakin out. Sleep, nap, and no more work!!

Sarah Newsom said...

Yes Michelle is right! hang in there! I think we are only a few days appart from our due dates, Im due on the 5ht and I am getting pretty nervous. It seems like you have it together :) I havent had any contractions or anything yet. It is starting to seem more real as time goes by and as the baby's room needs to be set up. I wish you the best! and hope it all goes well :)