Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 1-2: June 24-30, 2012

 When we got home, we had a lovely collection of flowers!
Lovely garden roses from Rissy's garden (repetitive, I know!),
Tyler's work sent us flowers from Every Bloomin' Thing,
and a lovely potted plant from Wade and Jennine!

 That weekend, my mom's family threw me a baby shower!
Ethan and Tyler hung out with Uncle Bentley and the boys,
while the girls hung out at grandma's!
Look closely at the monkey!
Its a diaper-monkey-motorcycle!
A departure from the diaper cake, 
my Aunt Cynthia made a monkey motorcycle!
It is the coolest thing ever!
In fact, it took us 3 weeks to take it apart. 
 On Sunday, the rest of my family arrived.
They drove cross country as soon as Girls' Camp ended for Melanie.
They got here and drove right up to see Ethan!
My brother Devin, who is 11, was beyond stoked to see Ethan.
In church, he could not stop correcting everyone:
"I'm Uncle Devin now!"
He was thrilled. 
 He had a hard challenge,
trying to beat Nana with who wanted and who got to hold Ethan more.
It was really precious to me.

 My dad hates being in pictures. 
Especially as he sports his "cross-country mustache!"

 And here,
Rissy's head is Tyson's mustache! 

 Here, Melanie is finally getting a turn to hold baby Ethan!
She was a trooper - she had BYU Volleyball camp,
EFY, Girls' Camp, and Youth Conference
all squeezed into this summer!
Preseason is just right around the corner!
I'm so happy they could make it out,
even with everything they had going on!
 'Uncle Devin' and 'Aunt Melanie'
Loving baby Ethan!

Poor Tyson. 
The 2 pictures I've posted are the only times he's been able to hold Ethan.
Its tough, trying to beat out Nana and Rissy to hold him!

I'm so happy that so many people love him. 
Its definitely life changing. 

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