Monday, January 6, 2014


This may be the best magazine that I've ever picked up. Honest. Have you read this yet? If not, run out and grab one!

Each section focused on a different type of balance to have in our lives. I loved how *simple* the goals, instructions, or ideas were. My favorite: Have only 40 hangers in your closet.

How simple is that?

So, today, after recovering from the worlds WORST cold ever (seriously. i may have died and come back. i don't remember much of Sat night - Sunday), I found that I was out of the haze of disease. I found my brain working properly. And most importantly, I found my motivation!

I cleaned out my closet. Like, hardcore. I rededicated myself to organizing my T-shirts, etc (you know that drawer is always a mess). I cleaned out shoes, coats, etc. Got it all boxed up and ready to go! I know I could get money for all of the Banana and Gap clothing I'm getting rid of, but ya know what? That's more hassle than its worth. Just giving it away is SO much easier.

Then, I tackled Ethan's toy area. On both floors. It looks amazing now! He is so much happier with all of the baby toys cleared out; everything is straightened out, everything has a home, and the clean lines of the home are back, baby! I can't wait to take a picture.

Then I straightened out the linen closet - its a part of my laundry room - and used existing storage bins. We sleep on a king size bed now, so we have a TON of queen sized sheets for our guest bed. Those sheets end up all over creation and I can never differentiate them (at a moment's glance) from the king or twin sheets that we have. So, boom. All of the queen sized sheets (which greatly outnumber the other varieties) are now in a clear bin on a shelf. The linen closet has been a challenge for me, just like the pantry. Why? I'm trying to use existing storage items that I have, versus going out and buying the *perfect* solutions. I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money - even $6 for a tote bin is more than I'm willing to pay (I'm cheap - but I'm preferring to say "frugal!"). I mean, $6 adds up, my friends!

I cleaned out all of those bags under my kitchen sink. Vacuumed. I did a thousand loads of laundry. Looked after a kid who gagged himself accidently and then puked all over my bed. And it dripped in between the mattress and the headboard. Really? That's the one thing I thought I couldn't handle. Luckily, I made it. And Ethan took a tubby and has been an angel baby all day.

Really. Terrible twos? I hope we never hit those. This 18+  month thing is ah-mazing. He plays quietly by himself (he always has, but its longer now!), reads to himself more, and I am loving the comprehension on both ends - understanding what is being asked of him, and being able to understand what he is asking of us. Love it!

{Ty and bubba's morning selfie while I worked on Saturday}

You guys. Tyler and I are so lucky. We are always getting back on the same page with finances (weekly meeting), schedules, what's for dinner for the next two weeks, and who's in charge of making it (my work schedule has always conflicted with dinner time prep, so we split duties. its been a dream in the making. thankfully, i've got a great guy who is more than willing to pull weight in the house whenever! thanks, kid!). We are re-dedicating ourselves to frugality in all ways possible (and I mean all ways), and enjoying the simple things in life. Let me tell you - tithing is a lot of $$ out of that monthly income - and the blessings and benefits far outweigh anything I could do with that cash. I've never actually looked at how much 10% is (I mean, really really looked). And I did on Sunday and we both just chuckled!

We have been enjoying college football season, the books we got for Christmas, and enjoying plenty of days off together. The best thing of all - while I've been sick, both Ethan and Tyler have been healthy and happy, and the week and a half of death for me is coming to a close. Ethan has been such a good baby and I am loving him more and more each day. Tyler too. haha

Oh! And the other thing that has simplified my life: the InStyler. You know. That thing off of the infomercial? Well, Tyler got one for a steal, after I begged him for it for the last 4 years (did I mention that I always buy things on clearance and I love a good sale!?), and it has single-handedly replaced my flatirons, straightners, and all of my curling irons? Yep. Now instead of a gaggle of curling irons + straightners hanging out on my counter, all I have is that beaut. And my blow dryer. That's all I need.

Fuzzy phone picture, but you get the picture. I love how simple its made my morning routine. Gotta love it.

Finally, our new motto: The Simple Life is the Happy Life.

We said this during our cinder-block college life days, and we're saying it again. Its always a work in progress - and we are loving it. Wish us luck!

ps: Tips and tricks and pinterest pins are welcome! Cheers!

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Liz Ricker said...

You're too pretty! stop it. Also, I love your cute house and family. We need to find a way to get together. I am glad you are figuring out balance in your life... I don't know that I'll ever get there. haha. Miss ya! (You could always check out my blog so you'll see all the cool stuff there is to do here, and want to come visit me!:)