Monday, January 6, 2014

*The Holidays*

Bubba was such a gem this year - he never touched the ornaments, 
ripped open presents, etc. He just let it be. 
Once in a while, he would get down all close and point out the characters on his wrapping paper! 
Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and the cast of Toy Story - pretty exciting!

Tyler's boss bought him these cookies - which quickly became mine. Thank you!

On Christmas Eve, Tyler picked up some delish hot coco and donuts - a little taste of DE all the way here in the wild west. Things are starting to get 'civilized' haha!

What our living room looked like on Christmas Eve! 

Ethan wasn't too into tearing off wrapping paper (maybe next year), but he was into this Pooh bear back pack that his Grandma Hollingshaus gave him - little people wearing little things is the cutest. 

Just checking things out!

Best purchase of the year? This Little People Noah's Ark - he cannot get enough of the animals. Sometimes its a challenging toy because it doesn't stay up the greatest (hello, its a boat haha) but overall he spends the majority of his time playing with this toy. Thanks to my cousin's wife, I snagged this for a great deal! Next, I'll probably get him the farm yard set - that one looked so cute!

We got this huge book (its as big as he is) of animals from all different climates and locations (Australia, the ocean, Arctic, farm, etc) and he loves it. Just the other day, he snuck upstairs and disappeared for a while. Usually that means trouble for little ones, but nope. He was just kicked back on the love sac, reading this book to himself. What a kid. 

Another fun purchase was this Mega Blocks table that has (duh) mega blocks! He tries to stand on it all the time (that kills me haha) but he's getting more into it as time goes by!

This isn't exactly a holiday picture, but this kid LOVES to come and play on our bed now. I've been waiting a long time for this - its so nice to have him content while I'm getting ready for work in the morning, and he usually drinks his morning bottle while I'm doing my hair, and we chat. Its so fun. This time he ran straight into our room after bath time. And jumped....and jumped...and jumped some more! Luckily, no accidents occurred!

On NYE, we received some "over the fence mail" from our neighbor. He left us a package of delicious sweets "with a little taste of Germany!" Isn't he the best?

On Christmas Eve, we delivered a Christmas card to him with some slices of pie (cherry, apple, and pumpkin+graham cracker crust), but he wasn't home. So we left them on his doorstep and did circles around the block for 10 minutes, and then we happened to drive past right as he arrived home and walked to his front door to pick them up. Then we high-fived and drove home. Mission accomplished!

We had a blast with our families this holiday season and hope you did as well! Thank you to everyone who made this season so special!

Next year's goal: See the lights at temple square. I can never seem to motivate myself to go and fight the traffic, cold, and herds of people. Sigh. haha Next year, I keep telling myself!!!

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