Friday, September 19, 2008

Having ventured from the east coast to the middle of the Salt Lake Valley, I've desperately been craving a mom-and-pop, little Italy, scenic Italian restaurant. My former roommate from BYU-I came to Salt Lake one weekend, and graciously accompanied us with her presence. Christine is always a fabulous time and we loved seeing her again! She's like Ty's new little sister (well, was all last semester) and even drove all the way from WY to come to our wedding reception! How considerate and thoughtful! We found ourselves a tiny, and of course expensive, mom-and-pop looking restaurant, and ate our little hearts out. My lasagna was delicious, and I was so excited to take my leftovers home, that I simply left that $14 worth of food sitting on the table. I didn't even realize it until we had come home from clubbin' that night! However, the night was not a total loss. Our good friend, Brendan Hammil, is down here working for the LDS Church and came out dancing with us!! I wish I had pictures, because both Ty and Brendan were highly entertaining!

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