Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boys, Battles, & My Break!

Love of My Life-Baby Got Back
This weekend Tyler and I, along with the Ground Houndz bboy crew traveled to USU and BYUI for "Dance Battles." Now, I have no clue about breakdancing or what's cool and what's "sick" or "dope." I've been immersing myself in this culture, watching Storm instructional videos, and I even tried doing a few stalls the other night (because they looked like a lot more fun then studying) and promptly fell on my face. Love it. Rach, I need you to be my personal trainer. Seriously.  

So I have a problem. I'm extremely passionate about whatever I believe in, the sports that I play, and especially the fairness and respect that must be given therein. I have ah...some repenting (maybe that's too serious of  word, but for lack of another) do after this past weekend. Sometimes, I find myself back in the east coast with the attitude I've been working so hard to refine. Whoops. At least I'm not the only one. But, before I ever go to another one, someone remind me to watch my mouth. 

Luckily, the girls whom I cherish and have in turn cherished me through thick and thin were there! Khia and Nancy came to experience "culture" in Rexburg on Saturday night and I could not have loved life more!! The past two months have been really challenging for me-I don't know anyone in Salt Lake, nor where anything is, and I just end up feeling ostracized. That's probably by my own choice, out of ignorance, seeing how Nancy and I have a class in the same building and I've only seen her twice on campus! I miss my friends and thanks to those of you who blog: I feel as though I can reach back through the mists of time and feebly grasp the memories-what joy. 
These two pictures are of Terry and then Tyler and Terry. Terry is from Thailand and I love being friends with him! Seriously, he's got my back and its great to have someone who's funnier then anyone you've ever met to be on your side. "You talkin' to me? Is it over there?" I think Khia, Nancy, and I wanted to pee our pants from laughing so hard. Terry-we just love you.
This is the crew (Soul Houndz) during the last round-oddly enough, we lost to a crowd vote on Friday night to a punk-upstart crew, yet on Saturday when there were judges, Soul Houndz battled 3 other crews (vs the 2 on Friday) and when it came down to the judges vote, it was 4-0 Soul Houndz. Remember that cheer from high school? "Score-board, Score-board!?" Yah. I thought so too. 
So, Tyler does these things, and I think they're called Russian Kicks. Well, after the battle was over, the girls and I decided to give it a try in Khia's living room. I jumped up in-between the two chairs and fell flat on the floor before they even took the picture! Rude!! By looking at Khia's face...I think its safe to say I'm a very amusing person. Kate-thanks for pointing out that I'm on my face. haha 
I decided to try from a safer level, and wha-la! Our successful Russian Kicks, minus our hands in the air (they're supposed to by supporting us by being on the ground...I think). Either way, hands-down-wonderful-weekend! 

Now, seeing that its Thursday, I've hit the drudge of demise. Its almost the weekend, I've had one-to-many-exams within the past 3 weeks (seriously-I think I've taken 6 or 7) and I took a final yesterday. Whew. I think I'm sublime regarding everything that needs to be done...hence the emormous pile of clean and half folded laundry laying on our bedroom floor because the laundry basket is being used to wash another two loads...and the fact that I wanted to be frugal yet now I'm learning that a good, user-friendly mop is really the way to go. Dishes still need to be put away, cleaned, and dinner started at some point. Ya know what I want to do? Take a freakin nap. I know, I know, I'll probably get the response "Wait until you have Kids!" which comes most often from my mom! Yet for right now, I'm just a little lady trying to balance things I never have before, uncertain in the steps I take, only overcome by the confidence I have in my faith, the love of my husband, and the intuition that transforms girls into women. But I bagged folding that fitted sheet. Biggest waste of time. Now, time to tackle laundry, vacuuming, dinner, and the inevitable task of studying for Pathogenic Micro, Hematology, etc. 
Any advice on how to balance? Quick and easy meals to cook? And, if you know how to fold the fitted sheet successfully, kudos to you.  


mb said...

Make something big on sundays and eat it throughout the week. (google "caution-flag chilli" by rachael ray, it's delicious) that's what I like to do. Or we just do simple things, sauteeing (sp?) chicken and putting it in rice-a-roni (don't judge) is delicious. I dunno. I'm not a good cook, but I'm hoping to get better.

Oh yeah, I just have a Canon power shot. It's not like a super awesome expensive camera but it gets the job done. I didn't edit any of those pictures I took...we just went at a really good time of day (like an hour and a half before the sun went down) so our blue eyes popped out and the sun wasn't shining on our imperfections.

Way to win through judges. That holds alot more credibility than a crowd...most of the time.

Rach said...

just dont fold the laundry, keep it on the floor like we do...we know where everything is:)

quick meals...
chop up peppers, onions, mushrooms, zuchini with some olive oil and garlic, saute them. put all that in a pita with hummus and feta and its my favorite. for you meat eater, put some chicken or somthing in there too. its our staple to say the least.

or crock pot something.

and for balancing...i wont say wait for kids i HATE when people say that. i know what its like in school and all that ish, and its very busy and stressful, with kids you can take a nap with them. give your self some credit and if anyone says that to you tell them to get over them selves.

Jalene said...

All my friends went to the battle at USUS! I should've gone so I could've seen you! Dang it.