Saturday, November 15, 2008

GO UTES!!!!!!!!

Tyler's First Volleyball Experience with Xta:
Doesn't he look excited? haha He really is-he just had trouble smiling in concert with taking the picture.... Oh, some people's children :)
Beginning of the game...Tyler has never seen me play nor heard me at a game...don't you think he's in for a surprise?!??! HAHA
Go Kat!! Kat (#8) is one of the leading outside hitters with a monstrous number of kills from this season alone! Hi-yah! Did I mention that she's my next-door neighbor? Sweet mercy....
This is me-being quietly excited...well, quiet for me. The camera guy was right in front of us-pretty sure I'm on TV a thousand times because he would always turn around and film me screaming, "Go Utes!! We're #1!!! YEAH!!!" Interesting....
Weird face of the night...I totally smoked Ty.
Up for a serve.....go Kat! She Aced It. 
Tyler, so excited to take our picture after filming the game, for got to zoom out. Good One! Either way, still excited!
Remember the song, 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy?' Well this guy sure did! He was out on the floor, dancing around like a crazy fool! haha He whipped out his belt buckle at one point-all of the MUSS kids were dying. He's just groovin' and there's no shame in that...but it was totally classic. Loved it. 
Oh, and did I mention that I sat on the 10' line? 2nd Row? Life was wonderful. See that empty chair at the bottom of the picture-hence where camera-guy sat. Our Bishop and his wife sat behind us, and this gave them much amusement. Sister Jones said, "That cameraman must be an X-boyfriend or something!" Yikes...haha
Such close games...we smoked BYU 25-16 the first game, beat ourselves the next two, and beat them the 4 and 5 games.... Does this line up just look unstoppable? Feel free to agree. 
Ready stance!

Either way, Utah beat BYU and it was wonderful. Church should be fantastic this week :) haha The best part about it all was the realization that I had during the game.....
Thinking back to being single, I wondered a lot about what I would do once I was married. Would we keep having fun? Would we have anything new to talk about after a few weeks (totally not an original thought...thank you "Our Town" for that irrational train of thought)? Being our 3 month anniversary, Ty took me out to something completely FREE-my favorite type of date, and we had soooo much fun. It was hilarious-us being us, not having to explain ourselves to anyone else. And we won a free T-shirt. Honestly. Can life get any better? Sure it can, but for right now...I'm beyond content. 

Tonight's adventure: Quantum of Solace. 

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