Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How High is High?

Look closely at these pictures-it might be easier to click on them so that they're easier to see....
Hang-gliding thrilled me when I was driving through Utah as a child. How random is it to be on the most boring drive of your life, look up at the mountains for the 50,000th time and then see this!!!!  So this morning, I was sitting next to my living room window, talking to my dad on the phone, and LOOK WHAT I SAW!!!!! I screamed, "Dad!! Its almost like Christmas!!!!" He thought I was bonkers, told me he was going to hang up so I could take pictures....and so I did. 
We live just a few miles from Immigration Canyon, SLC, UT, and this guy is hidden in the trees-I almost thought he was going to land in the middle of the highway that takes you up through the canyon. One guy, before him, looked as though he had landed in our parking lot, which is right behind those buildings.
Look closely-these guys were still pretty high up when I took this picture, but my feet were freezing so I went back inside before they got any closer. The little kids playing in the courtyard in front of my apartment were screaming with was I. 

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