Sunday, July 5, 2009

Affording Grace

Lately, I've had a lot of cause to think about the concept of grace. What it means, and how its application in our lives is very much the underlying theme of it all.

However, I've also been thinking about the concept in the picture above. Holding grace in our hands.

Problem Uno: Sometimes I don't understand the choices that people make. Just don't get it. (I bet that is exactly how our Heavenly Father feels too.) Its given me a lot to think about. How quick we can be to judge those around us. How easy it is to complain that life isn't fair, especially when the choices someone else makes affects those around them. How easy it would be to act unjustifiably selfish and hurtful and the list goes on and on.

Solution: Holding grace out in our hands. Can we afford others the grace of allowing them to make their own choices? Well, we can - most of us are just out of practice. Our grace has nothing to do with salvation, forgiveness, etc - it has to do with us. Allowing ourselves to look just a few feet further into a situation and LOVE. Interesting. Especially when our love goes unrecognized.

Problem Dos: Still don't have a camera, but our 4th was the bomb! Our whole weekend was more then a prayer being answered - it was just spectacular! We hung out with great and amazing friends, chatted until our jaws hurt, made delicious Strawberry Daquiris (thanks Ashley!) and grilled to our hearts content. Loved this weekend. We should have a 4th of July every weekend!

Solution: Tell your friends to take pictures....haha

Enjoy your week!


Katy said...

You've always got such great pearls for us--- and this particular lesson was a good one for me lately (as i've been feeling "grace-less" these days!)
hope you get your camera back and in the groove again soon... we miss seeing your face!
ps. Strawberry daiquiris and good friends, what a GREAT fourth!!

Alan and Kiersten said...

wonderful post krista! i loved it and needed it! thank you for posting your thoughts, i love reading them. love ya beautiful girl!

Mellissa and Curtis Hill said...

hey you guys!!!! KRISTA- are you in grad school now? I am trying to figure it all out but all of the scientific stuff just goes waaayyy over my head!!!! give me a little sum up?! i am so happy i found your blog and will be checking it regularly :) XoxoxoxOxxo to both of you!!!

Ashley Webb said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your daiquiris!! :) Thanks for this post... you're awesome!